What is it?

Why do some teams thrive while others stagnate? Why do some create real change while others struggle to make any kind of impact? Research has shown that it’s rarely down to the individual abilities (or lack of) of the team members. There are certain systemic qualities that allow certain teams to radically transcend the sum of their parts – to massively overachieve – while others struggle.

We work with teams to help raise their awareness of relationship dynamics and their impact, When team members become aware of their impact and the fact they are inter-dependant on the rest of the team for their success they tend to be happier, more innovative, and way more influential and impactful in what they do.

Leveraging Team Effectiveness

Ineffective teams are a drain on an organisations valuable resources – they waste time, energy and money and rarely achieve the results that were desired. In contrast effective teams are the bedrock of a great organization and help the business prosper through increased productivity and profitability.

When business leaders form teams knowing the contribution and impact each person can make at every phase of the project life cycle performance accelerates and conflict and tension decreases. Collaboration improves as each team member understands the value they provide and the impact they make to the overall project’s successes. This leads to increased team engagement.

Its definitely a result of 1+1 = 3

A language and framework for productive team work

The transformative process of becoming a highly effective teams starts with the GCI profiles and along with that with learning each other from a new perspective in the norming phase.

On the next stage the focus is set on the HOW’s of working together. With the clear language of the model describing the functioning of individuals and understanding their preferred impact we  make agreements around the ways of working in the norming phase.

This workshop can be delivered online or in person

We work with both fixed and dynamic teams through either one-off, bespoke team coaching interventions. We will partner with you to co-design exactly the work your team needs to help it go to the next level

The Results

You can expect team development work with us to result it:

  • Better relationships and communication
  • Improved team spirit, productivity and retention
  • Improved inter-departmental cooperation and less working in silos
  • More effective conflict resolution
  • More innovation and creativity
  • Stronger shared vision, bolder collective action

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