Through our work we aim to help at least 10% of the world’s population understand their Game-Changing impact.

Hosted in partnership with Dialogue Review, The GC People Leader Series meets leaders around the world who are changing the game for the better. Through a series of interviews we share the experience and stories from individuals who have a track record of leading and inspiring others to do great things. Whether from the world of business, art, sports, entertainment, education or another specialism they all hold a common belief that everyone in the world has the potential to make a positive impact in their world.

Using The GC Index® as a language and framework to articulate and underpin the basis of their success, GC People Leaders are interviewed by an accredited GCologist. The articles and short film clips that form part of our GC People Leader Series have been designed to help others in understanding how they can best make an impact in their world.

In this edition of The GC People Leader Series John Franklin-Hackett speaks to CBRE’s Yvette Janse van Rensburg about her career as a Polisher/Game Changer.

In this, the latest ‘The GC Index People Leader Series’ we take an up close and personal look at Andrea Grisdale, CEO IC Bellagio’s approach to leadership and how her GC Index profile has underpinned her successes to date.

Melanie Burke is an award-winning social innovator who is also an experienced people and development practitioner. She brings together the academic and practical knowledge required for impact entrepreneurship and societal change.

In our latest ‘The GC Index People Leader Series’ Roxana Radulescu, Founder and CEO at GC Partner All Personal, talks to Ahmed Kareem, Project Manager at Colliers Project Leaders, about his career success to date and how operating in the Implementer Strategist space has underpinned his success.

In this edition of The GC Index People Leader Series, Natalee Holmes talks to Allistair McCaw. Allistair is one of the world’s leading figures in maximizing human performance, leadership and developing winning team cultures.

Diversity and regeneration expert Loraine Martins MBE wants people to have a fair chance at work. Loraine uses her GC Index profile to give life to her game-changing strategies.

Clive is the Non Executive Chairman of Go Mad Thinking, a consulting firm in the UK. He also has his own consulting business and he helps customers in areas such as insurance, innovation in general and artificial intelligence.

In this edition of The GC People Leader Series we take a look back over Andy Baker’s 40 year teaching career and how he made his impact with his colleagues and those he taught.

Simon Etherington is our Chief Strategist and Implementer. He kicks off our GC People Leader Series and discusses how The GC Index has helped him frame some of his past and current leadership experience.