The GC Index® is a powerful business conversation or Key Stakeholder engagement tool, it provides a common language and framework for making decisions about how individuals, teams and entire organisations are going to impact real business challenges and achieve their aspirations.

A GC Index® Gift Link is a free link for GC Partners and GCologists to offer to a Key Stakeholder in their organisation or client organisation to experience The GC Index® for themselves.

Once they have taken The GC Index®, the key stakeholder, will commit to spending 60 – 90 minutes reviewing their GC Index® profile with with and Accredited GCologist to gain insight into their own impact as an individual but also the implications for their team and broader organisation.


Our GCologists and GC Partners already understand how The GC Index® works and how individuals, teams and organisations can benefit from the power of The GC Index® and the conversations it drives. They have a language and framework at their fingertips to help their Clients and Key Stakeholders make better business and people decisions across all areas of their company.

Often people new to The GC Index do not appreciate how The GC Index® will help their organisation to deliver better results until they understand it and start exploring the possibilities for themselves.

The GC Index Gift Link Process is just the first step of this exciting journey and you can request a Gift Link today via the form below…