Here are some of the results individuals have seen:

  • Discovered how they make an impact
  • Learned how to take advantage of strengths
  • Accelerated career
  • Improved teamwork
  • Performed at their best
  • Achieved a happier working life


Here are some of the results companies have seen:

  • Improved business outcomes
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Unique insight on people
  • A more harmonious work environment​
  • Common language across the business​
  • Increase in individual performance
  • Increase in team performance


The GC Index® is a technology based platform that is increasing global knowledge, wealth and harmony by creating impactful collaboration.

Our clients are using the Strategist, Game Changer, Play Maker, Implementer & Polisher insights to deliver better decision making and productivity outcomes in 4 areas:

  • Good to Great Recruitment Decisions
  • Organising the Business to Best Effect
  • Making the Most of People Assets
  • Driving Impactful Change across the Business

As The GC Index® is deployed across the whole enterprise it also improves the skills of multiple groups – especially those who become GCologists:

  • Executives in their Strategic and Execution Decision Making
  • HR and L&D professionals providing more value to the Business
  • Managers who can better understand and coach their people
  • Client-facing roles forming special relationships with clients


Where The GC Index® supports our client's business

For the first time ever, organisations have a common language to understand the impact of all their people.

This insight has the power to drive better outcomes for any business decision that involves people or any business process that involves people.

We have grouped these people-driven decisions and processes into 20 Business Areas (below). Please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with more information about how The GC Index® drives better outcomes in each of them.

In addition we supercharge the power of The GC Index® with our ecosystem of global GC Partners who deliver services and solutions to our clients – please click on a Business Area (below) to discover the relevant Solutions Powered by The GC Index® and the GC Partners that provide them.