The GC Index is an organimetric, a measurement framework and language, that identifies individual and collective impact and how people contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.

The world’s 7.7 billion people can all contribute to increase global knowledge, wealth and harmony. Imagine a world based on everyone’s impact in creating original ideas, making sense of ideas, bringing people together, making ideas happen and making them brilliant. We are changing the game.

Our mission is to help at least 10% of the world’s 7.7 billion people understand their Game-Changing impact. It doesn’t matter whether they’re the CEO of a Global company or a child in a developing country – every single person has a positive impact and contribution to make in their world.

All too often people are put into roles that they are not best suited to, where their personal energies, proclivities and capabilities are not aligned with the needs of the job. Getting the alignment right can be the difference between ‘Good’ and ‘Great’ organisations. It can also be the difference between retaining your best people and losing them.

Organisations have based talent decisions largely on things they can assess – experience, expertise/skills, qualifications and personality. As a result a huge number of individuals, who could have been perfect for a role, have been overlooked because they don’t necessarily conform to the traditional boxes.

To achieve our lofty ambition of supporting 10% of the world population to liberate their potential impact and contribution will only be possible through our GC Partner and GCologist community. A GC Partner is any organisation that provides people-focused solutions, consulting or services to the global business community and has incorporated The GC Index® into their own service offerings using the unique insight on impact to deliver better outcomes. These service offerings are known as powered by solutions. These solutions powered by The GC Index are delivered by their accredited GC Index Practitioners, whom we refer to as GCologists.


These powered by solutions cover four main areas of expertise – Strategy and Business, Organisation and Culture, Change and Transformation, HR and Talent. Each of these areas are then broken down into specialisation areas as below:

Strategy & Business:
Business Strategy, Management Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales & Growth

HR & Talent: Leadership Coaching & Development, Recruitment, Talent Development, Team Coaching & Development, Young People Development

Organisation & Culture: Culture Transformation Programmes, Diversity & Inclusion Programmes, Operational Improvement, Organisational Design & Development

Change & Transformation:
Change Management, Digital Transformation, Innovation Programmes, Project & Programme Management, Technology & Software Solutions.

Consequently the way The GC Index is used by our GC Partners and GCologists is virtually limitless. Indeed, we estimate that over 95% of the ways to unleash individual and collective impact through The GC Index® haven’t even been discovered yet. Exciting times are ahead!

But it doesn’t stop there. In February 2019 we launched our first ever GC Partner Event – GCConnect. Joined by 150 GCologists from over 50 GC Partners, we took everybody on the journey thus far and our predictions and dreams for the future. GCConnect sought to strengthen our community and enhance the relationships between our GC Partners to support them in driving and delivering The GC Index® as part of their own powered by solutions.

The event highlighted a number of key points from the last five years that really helped to shape The GC Index Organimetric and the global organisation we can see today..

  • These included: September 2018 The GC Index was listed in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Communications Service Provider Business Operations list.
  • July 2018 we launched our first book, Coaching Me Coaching You. The book was inspired by our work at The GC Index and tells the inspirational stories of ten people whose lives were changed through The GC Index and supporting coaching.

The book followed on from two research pieces carried out back in 2015, The DNA of a Game Changer, and; 2016, The DNA of a Game Changing Team. These two research pieces, carried out in association with Professor Adrian Furnham, UCL, took us on a journey and saw the birth of what we now call The GC Index® . The first of the two reports identified the Game Changer and also highlighted that there were other proclivities out there aside from the Game Changer that could also have a game-changing impact and contribution on the world. The second of the two reports demonstrated how game-changing teams need to be formed to have a real impact.

This organimetric works, it really works, but don’t just take it from us…….

The GC Index is giving our employees to better discuss leadership, impact and collaboration. This methodology will contribute to Water For People achieving our mission around the world!” – Eleanor Allen, CEO – Water For People.

Some of the things we do and are really great at include:


Candidate Selection

Candidate Profiling

Recruitment and Selection


Diversity / Equality / Inclusion

Digital Transformation