We have selected the very best people to join our team. They are all dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organisations, identify how they can make their game-changing impact.


Nathan Ott

Nathan has created a community that is committed to fostering the impact and contribution from everyone around the globe, whether they are a global Fortune CEO or a child in a developing country.

He is author of two studies: The DNA Of A Game Changer and The DNA Of A Game-Changing Team. He is also co-author of a book, Coaching Me, Coaching You (a-ha), published in September 2018.

Working globally with a diverse range of commercial and non-profit organisations, Nathan helps his clients understand how their employees can make an impact and helps leaders create game-changing teams and cultures.

Nathan says, “Not everyone is a Game Changer, but everyone can make a game – changing impact.”


Dr John Mervyn-Smith

John has over 30 years’ experience of coaching senior leaders and their teams. John’s work in both clinical and occupational psychology underpins his understanding of the ways in which people make an impact at work. His extensive research in this field has led to the development of The GC Index®.

His research, The DNA of a Game Changer and The DNA of a Game-Changing Team, focuses on the premise that organisations are neglecting the very talent, which has the potential to transform the future. John’s work shows it’s only a game-changing team that can achieve step change innovation and transformation that has longevity.

In his role as Chief Psychologist, at The GC Index Ltd, he works with leaders worldwide to transform their organisations, through the use of coaching and The GC Index® framework, to create a culture where everyone is able to make their game-changing impact at work.



Prof. GC
Adrian worked with John and Nathan to develop The GC Index®. He continues to provide valuable input and support the team to ensure The GC Index® is scientifically valid.

Adrian Furnham was educated at the London School of Economics where he obtained a distinction in an MSc Econ., and at Oxford University where he completed a doctorate (D.Phil) in 1981.

He has subsequently earned a D.Sc (1991) and D.Litt (1995) degree. Previously a lecturer in Psychology at Pembroke College, Oxford, he has been Professor of Psychology at University College London since 1992. He has lectured widely abroad and held scholarships and visiting professorships. He has also been a Visiting Professor of Management at Henley Management College and written over 700 scientific papers and 57 books.



Simon leads The GC Index® Go To Market Strategy and Implementation. In this role, he is responsible for growing The GC Index® into a global brand with a goal to profile 10% of the world’s population.  This will be achieved through our GC Partner business model which includes the creation of a platform that generates success for our GC Partners globally.

Simon joined The GC Index® in 2018. Prior to joining The GC Index®, he held senior executive roles at other partner-focused businesses including Executive Board Member of SAP UK and Managing Director of Sitecore UK.

Simon’s favourite saying is “I love it when a plan comes together”.

He is very lucky to have a beautiful wife and two daughters that he adores and who remind him every day of what life is all about.




Nicole’s main focus is managing projects and programmes to ensure GC Partners and GCologists are able to transform the organisations they work with by helping individuals and teams make a game-changing impact.

She oversees planning of the GCologist accreditation process. Working with the wider GC Index team, Nicole continually builds and improves our business processes, making sure everything runs smoothly for GC Partners, GCologists and clients. 

She is always on hand to support our GC Partner and GCologist community with the use of our online portal and by providing additional information that they may need to deliver impactful solutions for clients. 



Vicky manages our GCologists, helping The GC Index community to strengthen and grow. She ensures we connect effectively with our community to understand how to continually improve our support to those using The GC Index® framework.

As a globally recognised leader in diversity and inclusion in digital industries, Vicky is driving diversity of impact and the formation of game-changing teams through The GC Index®.



Emma has been part of The GC Index team since the very beginning. She has helped drive the direction of research and build the brand.

She leads all PR and marketing for The GC Index, working with the team to explore new ideas and build partnerships to raise brand awareness.

Her purpose is to drive outstanding marketing, communications and engagement activities and help the business deliver its next exciting phase of growth.

She loves helping people do things differently and inspiring them to continue to evolve, connect with others and look for new ways of working, to boost performance.



Gem has a talent for translating brand strategies into inspiring brands whereby each touchpoint is carefully considered. Her retail background enables her to work across consumer, service and corporate brands.

Clients include international brands such as Vodafone, Audi, Dunlop and ICAEW, alongside many national brands such as Harrods, Emap and Chapter Hotels.

She is passionate about culture and travel, working in New York and Qatar, delivering projects in the local regions, and will always be committed to helping various charities including ‘Cancer Research UK’, ‘AgeUk’, to name a few, whilst volunteering for ‘The Stroke Association’ working with patients over the last eight years.