We have selected the very best people to join our team. They are all dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organisations, identify how they can make their game-changing impact.


Nathan Ott

With over 20 years of working with business leaders to get the best from their talent, Nathan has always thought there was something missing. Subsequently, through years of conversations with business leaders he realised he was not alone. This notion that ‘something was missing’ is the key stimulus for the original The GC Index research.

Nathan is the vision and driving force behind The GC Index. He has a fundamental belief that everyone can make an impact in their world and has created a global community of GC Partners and GCologists that is committed to fostering the impact and contribution from everyone around the globe, whether they are a global Fortune CEO or a child in a developing country.

As a Polisher/Game Changer Nathan wants to be valued for his relentless belief that anything is possible, and things can always be better. He is constantly pushing The GC Index team, GC Partners and Clients to enable frictionless and empowering interactions between HR and Business leaders so that everyone is valued to deliver positive business outcomes.

He is the co-author of two studies: The DNA Of A Game Changer and The DNA Of A Game-Changing Team and published Coaching Me, Coaching You (a-ha) with Dr GC as requested by the global GCologist community.

Outside of work Nathan has a love for Hot Yoga, Liverpool Football Club, WhatsApp and tasting the red wine from every country he visits. He has a wonderful (and very understanding!) wife and three magical children who fuel his daily energy.


Dr John Mervyn-Smith

Dr John Mervyn Smith (more commonly known as Dr. GC these days), has over 30 years’ experience of coaching senior leaders and their teams. John’s work in both clinical and occupational psychology underpins his understanding of the ways in which people make an impact at work. His extensive research in this field has led to the development of The GC Index®.

John has achieved lots of things in his distinguished career from profiling high level politicians through to being chased by a typhoon, but he rates the emergence of The GC Index “Mother Lode” as the most exciting moment in his career.

Dr GC is the soul of The GC Index and is the guardian of all the scientific underpinnings and technical developments behind The GC Index Products. He led the research behind, The DNA of a Game Changer , The DNA of a Game-Changing Team and the book ‘Coaching Me, Coaching You’ that focuses on the premise that organisations are neglecting the very talent, which has the potential to transform the future. His work shows it’s only a game-changing team that can achieve step change innovation and transformation that has longevity.

John is a Strategist/Polisher who wants to be valued for his open-mindedness and insight. He is very proud of making a contribution to global thinking around leadership and talent and how The GC Index is making a difference.

Outside of work the things most important for John are to always be there for his family, his charity work and walking at least one pilgrimage every year!



Prof. GC
Adrian worked with John and Nathan to develop The GC Index®. He continues to provide valuable input and support the team to ensure The GC Index® is scientifically valid.

Adrian Furnham was educated at the London School of Economics where he obtained a distinction in an MSc Econ., and at Oxford University where he completed a doctorate (D.Phil) in 1981.

He has subsequently earned a D.Sc (1991) and D.Litt (1995) degree. Previously a lecturer in Psychology at Pembroke College, Oxford, he has been Professor of Psychology at University College London since 1992. He has lectured widely abroad and held scholarships and visiting professorships. He has also been a Visiting Professor of Management at Henley Management College and written over 700 scientific papers and 57 books.



Simon leads The GC Index® Go To Market Strategy and Implementation. In this role, he is responsible for growing The GC Index® into a global brand with a goal to profile 10% of the world’s population.  This will be achieved through our GC Partner business model which includes the creation of a platform that generates success for our GC Partners globally.

Simon joined The GC Index® in 2018. Prior to joining The GC Index®, he held senior executive roles at other partner-focused businesses including Executive Board Member of SAP UK and Managing Director of Sitecore UK.

Simon’s favourite saying is “I love it when a plan comes together”.

He is very lucky to have a beautiful wife and two daughters that he adores and who remind him every day of what life is all about.



Nicole has over 25 years experience in helping organisations get the most from their talent to achieve their business objectives. As our Resident Polisher Nicole is the person that is always there to make sure that none of us ‘drop a ball’.

Nicole’s main focus is managing the operations and processes that enable our GC Partners and GCologists to deliver their Powered By Solutions than make that game-changing impact.

Nicole runs the planning of the GCologist accreditation process and is always pushing the GC Index team to continually build and improve our business processes, making sure everything runs as best as possible for our GC Partners, GCologists and Clients. As a Strategist/Polisher she wants to be valued for providing fast, effective delivery with strong attention to detail enabling them to be the best they can be in their own businesses.

Nicole also enjoys leading relationships with a number of top Universities including LSE, Kings and UCL and creating bespoke workshops and coaching students to prepare them for work.

Outside of work, spending time with her family, eating good food, drinking nice wine, running with the family dog Amber or watching her daughters enjoy life really makes Nicole happy.



Emma has been part of The GC Index team since the beginning. She leads adhoc PR and Marketing projects and tirelessly works to explore new ideas and build partnerships that drive global awareness of the power The GC Index is having on organisations and individuals around the world.

Emma is a recognised PR leader on the apex of Talent Management and Business Effectiveness. She was a Senior Press Officer for the CIPD, built her commercial awareness as a Senior PR Manager for the Hays Group and worked as a consultant. Before joining The GC Index, she worked with a team to develop a new conference brand that attracted over 500 senior HR professionals in its first year and went on to attract sporting legends, Olympians, global business leaders, talent gurus through to household name celebrities as its speakers.

Emma is a Game Changer/Polisher and wants to be valued for the positive impact she can have on others. One of her favourite quotes is from Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. She was a key driver of the publication of the original The GC Index research as well as the Coaching Me, Coaching You Book always focussing on the positive impact it will have on people who read it.

Outside of work Emma will be mainly spending quality time with family and friends as well as encouraging herself and her daughter to be open minded, listen to others and to keep challenging themselves whether that be through sport, work or something else.



Andy has spent most of his working life driving change and disrupting organisations to push for better results.

Here at The GC Index he is responsible for all social media and digital awareness and spends his time creating innovative and impactful ways to showcase all of the great work and results being delivered by our GC Partners, GCologists and Clients. Andy also has a particular interest in hearing from those individuals whose worlds have been changed by The GC Index, so if you have a story to tell he would love to hear from you.

Andy has experience across a wide range of industries and lives by the ethos that individual, team and organisational success is all about impact and contribution. He is a Game Changer/Strategist that wants to be valued for his creative ideas and solutions that are unique, impactful and positively contribute to the success of the wider team.

It is much the same outside of work too; Andy self admittedly gets bored with routine and loves the mental stimulation of coming up with different ways for doing every day and mundane tasks. It’s important that The GC Index gives Andy a platform to explore possibilities at work and he counts himself very lucky to have a wonderful family at home!



Gem is responsible for the creative branding and direction of The GC Index. She has a talent for translating brand strategies into inspiring brands whereby each touchpoint is carefully considered. Her experience includes working with international brands such as Vodafone, Audi, Dunlop and ICAEW, alongside many national brands such as Harrods, Emap and Chapter Hotels.

Gem has done some epic stuff in her career, from branding a plane for the Asian Games, to creating the advertising campaign ‘Mine to Medal’ for Rio Tinto in the London 2012 Olympics. However up there with her greatest accomplishments has been to design and develop The GC Index brand, from scribbled down thoughts on a napkin to visualising ideas that popped into Nathan’s mind, typically when he was going in or out a hot yoga class.

Gem is a Game Changer/Implementer and believes your core values should be to be different, inspirational, a good listener and trusted to deliver for the team.

Outside of work she is very dedicated to her volunteering work as well as showing her two girls that women rock and can do anything.