The GC Index® is extraordinarily powerful for Teams at all levels.

Every team that uses The GC Index very quickly recognises and respects the positive impact that everyone can bring to the team. More importantly, as The GC Index focuses on proclivity it serves as an outcome focussed framework to make real decisions rather than getting stuck in personality clashes or benign interventions that get forgotten as soon as a team workshop is over.

Through using The GC Index as a language and framework for individual and collective impact teams become more effective more quickly.

How teams make collective decisions quickly and establishing how everyone will positively  impact to the success of the team is at the core of any GC Index Team intervention. If someone is  making a positive contribution to a team that is valued by others then they can start to feel genuinely included.  Moreover they will start to feel masterful, potent and intrinsically happy.


The GC Index Team Report is outcomes focussed and gives a basis and focus for INTRA team collaboration. The Team Report provides a structure, language and framework for how all members of the team can contribute to team objectives.


  • An Aggregate The GC Index® Score for the Team;
  • Observations for each individual’s impact on the team
  • Observations of the impact of the Team as a whole
  • Detailed Team Diagnostic as follows:
    1. What are the teams strengths?
    2. What is the likely culture of this team?
    3. What will be valued, held in regard?
    4. What is this team likely to pay least attention to?
    5. What tensions are likely to arise in this team?
    6. What are the gaps/potential weaknesses in this team?
    7. What would you propose for development or new team members?
  • Detailed recommendations for driving team performance across Creativity and Game-Changing, Strategy and Direction, Implementation and Learning & Innovation

The 2018 InnoEnergy Game Changing Impact Challenges Powered By The GC Index.

Working with InnoEnergy, E.ON, McKinsey Energy Insights and Energy Web Foundation to deliver innovation teams within the Energy Sector.

The GC Index What is it?

The GC Index – It’s not about personality, indeed it’s independent to #personality…… so what is it?

In this short clip Dr GC explains how this #organimetric works and what it means.