Connecting People With Homes: Transforming Talent Management at Imagine

Mike Cole, Managing Director at Imagine, says, “Had we been using The GC Index® from the beginning we could have saved ourselves two years of frustration on both parts and some very difficult conversations.”

Here, Mike shares how The GC Index has changed the way Imagine is run and has highlighted many fundamental benefits, including greater success in the shaping of their teams and creating a perfect balance of skill sets across the company as a whole.

Working with Operations Managers To Boost Collaboration & Development Opportunities

As a People First organisation, Webhelp wanted to create a unique learning experience for their Operations Managers. To support this vision, they incorporated The GC Index® as part of the Operations Managers’ Development Programme.

This provided an opportunity for them to become more self-aware and created a universal language, where everybody understands how they make an impact. Download the GC Impact Story to find out how it brought them together as a team, encouraging more collaboration.

How Grünenthal Supported Employees Through Change To Boost Performance

In 2021 Grünenthal, a global leader in pain management, worked on a big transformation project which involved an organisational restructure. This not only meant change in job roles but also that some people would leave the business.

Whilst change is important it comes with huge challenges and research shows 70 per cent of change programmes fail to achieve their goals. Grünenthal understood that the change could be unsettling so the team set about making sure people at the heart of everything – their goal was to create a really great experience for everyone.


The Way I’m Working Isn’t Working

Ruth Baily, Co-Founder of GC Partner The Cause Effect, coached two young adults who worked in different organisations – both were feeling low in energy and both discovered they had latent GC Index® profiles.

She brought them together to explore why they might be lacking energy. By finding ways to observe their energy and identify what taxes it or builds it she was able to bring about meaningful shifts in their confidence – they started to see the value they offer.

Future Leaders Programme With The Young People Index

There is a lot of research that indicates a significant gap between education and the workplace. The future is changing at a rate that education institutions can’t keep up with, and as a result young people are feeling ill-prepared to face their unpredictable futures.

GC Partner, Conscious Connections, ran its Future Leaders Development Programme at a high school in South Africa over the course of five weeks. Young people finished the programme saying they know where they can make their biggest impact in any organisation or industry.


GCologist, Simon Phillips, from GC Partner The Change Man, worked with Carers UK to design a programme called ‘ReDiscover You’. The programme helped:

• Increase carer’s self-confidence.
• Encourage carers to invest in themselves.
• Help carers forge personal networks.
• Provide support for those wanting to bring about change to their life.
• Support Carers with ambitions of applying for work outside of their caring responsibilities to regain their confidence (especially if they have been out of the workforce for a while).

4OC and NHS Supply Chain

GC Gem Winner, NHS Supply Chain, wanted to develop a programme to enhance leadership insight and awareness and improve ways of working to develop a change in culture.

Using The GC Index, GC Partner 4OC helped NHS Supply Chain introduce a universal language and give the team the means to be more cohesive and mindful of individual working styles to aid a positive organisational culture change.

Connecting Young People to the World of Work

In May 2022, Coombe Sixth Form located in Surrey, in the UK, were invited to be take part in a sponsored employability programme which incorporated The Young People Index®. A finance company embarked on a project as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, with the goal to help prepare young people for the world of work.

How UniCredit are building a culture of innovation with The GC Index

The days of the local bank are long gone. These days our financial institutions have branches/offices all over the globe. But, when your teams are based in different time zones, speak different languages and only ever see each other across a computer screen, how can you make sure that they all are pulling in the same direction?

UniCredit needed teams across the globe to collaborate and innovate. Here is how The GC Index® helped…


Mint Group, a global IT consultancy in the top 1% of global CRM providers and a member of the prestigious Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics, has a distinctly entrepreneurial culture and an impressive track record of growth.

The organisation wanted to tap into the unique language of innovation provided by The GC Index to help identify diverse potential for trail-blazing outputs. Gaylin Jee from GC Partner, 33 Emeralds, took the Mint leadership team through their individual and team GC Index Profiles to increase awareness of the value they deliver and areas of personal growth and development.


The Covid-19 pandemic had a massive effect on the recruitment industry. Talent Brand, a South African based talent acquisition company, had to do something quickly to reinvent itself in order to survive.

They worked with GC Partner, 33 Emeralds, and used insights from The GC Index® to help restructure and transform the business. This work saw them being named a GC Gems 2021 Finalist.

Talent Brand has successfully transitioned into a digital animation business, developing a whole new suite of service offerings whilst maintaining and strengthening talent acquisition capability.

Driving Purpose With The GC Index

Reds10, a modular construction specialist based in London, knows all about the physical environment and, with help from GC Partner, The Cause Effect it embarked on a new project to develop a meaningful purpose to help treble its performance in just four years.

As part of this work, The Cause Effect introduced The GC Index® to help facilitate a change in working style and to support them in measuring their impact rolling out their purpose: To equip all society to live, learn and thrive in amazing spaces.

The GC Index® has given Reds10’s leadership team its own language to communicate. It has allowed them to check-in on their behaviours, hold each other to account and have some fun with their preferred styles when they are collaborating.