Connecting Young People to the World of Work

In May 2022, Coombe Sixth Form located in Surrey, in the UK, were invited to be take part in a sponsored employability programme which incorporated The Young People Index®. A finance company embarked on a project as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, with the goal to help prepare young people for the world of work.

How UniCredit are building a culture of innovation with The GC Index

The days of the local bank are long gone. These days our financial institutions have branches/offices all over the globe. But, when your teams are based in different time zones, speak different languages and only ever see each other across a computer screen, how can you make sure that they all are pulling in the same direction?

UniCredit needed teams across the globe to collaborate and innovate. Here is how The GC Index® helped…


Mint Group, a global IT consultancy in the top 1% of global CRM providers and a member of the prestigious Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics, has a distinctly entrepreneurial culture and an impressive track record of growth.

The organisation wanted to tap into the unique language of innovation provided by The GC Index to help identify diverse potential for trail-blazing outputs. Gaylin Jee from GC Partner, 33 Emeralds, took the Mint leadership team through their individual and team GC Index Profiles to increase awareness of the value they deliver and areas of personal growth and development.


The Covid-19 pandemic had a massive effect on the recruitment industry. Talent Brand, a South African based talent acquisition company, had to do something quickly to reinvent itself in order to survive.

They worked with GC Partner, 33 Emeralds, and used insights from The GC Index® to help restructure and transform the business. This work saw them being named a GC Gems 2021 Finalist.

Talent Brand has successfully transitioned into a digital animation business, developing a whole new suite of service offerings whilst maintaining and strengthening talent acquisition capability.

Driving Purpose With The GC Index

Reds10, a modular construction specialist based in London, knows all about the physical environment and, with help from GC Partner, The Cause Effect it embarked on a new project to develop a meaningful purpose to help treble its performance in just four years.

As part of this work, The Cause Effect introduced The GC Index® to help facilitate a change in working style and to support them in measuring their impact rolling out their purpose: To equip all society to live, learn and thrive in amazing spaces.

The GC Index® has given Reds10’s leadership team its own language to communicate. It has allowed them to check-in on their behaviours, hold each other to account and have some fun with their preferred styles when they are collaborating.

We All Learn In Different Ways

Natalee Holmes, Founder of GC Partner Conscious Connections, based in South Africa teamed-up with The GC Index® because she wanted to revolutionise the way people are educated.

Conscious Connections is using The GC Index  with schools, universities, training colleges and other educational institutions to train teachers on the different learning styles it has identified and to develop ways of reaching all those different styles in one lesson.

The overall aim is to align learning and teaching styles in a way that ensures engagement that leads to better academic performance, increased student motivation, and learners who are confident about what they can bring to the world.

Leading Across Boundaries

As part of the UK’s public service sector repositioning, hospital trusts, councils, public health, commissioners, care bodies and third sector organisations need to work far more closely.

NHS BaNES, Swindon & Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group worked with GC Partner, The Change Maker Group, to help them do this. More than 30 delegates, from 12 different organisations, took part in the programme.


When Libya-based Akakus Oil Operations (AOO) decided it needed to transform its entire operation and way of doing business, it approached GC Partner, Makman Technology

Consulting(MTC), to help it identify high-potential talent to serve as a third line of leadership and a cornerstone for future success.

What AOO was really looking for was the talent within the organisation that have the potential to be the transformational leaders of the future. Makman Technology Consulting recommended The GC Index as the perfect way of bringing this about.


The Walsall Safeguarding Partnership (WSP) is a collaborative effort to provide effective leadership of the efforts to safeguard children, young people and adults at risk across the Walsall area in the UK. The partnership unites several stakeholders including the West Midlands Police, Walsall Council and the NHS to ensure that local people are protected.

Naturally, bringing together such a diverse group to do such important work means that teamwork and collaboration are of the utmost importance. This is where The GC Index® came into play…

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GC Partner, part of the route2work Group, provides ‘game-changing edtech solutions via a world-class digital platform’ that levels the education and careers playing field for talent globally.

They teamed up with a global leader in recruitment process outsourcing and managed service solutions as part of a drive to reform the way large organisation recruit talent of the future.

Hear how they incorporated The GC Index® as part of their recruitment without bias model…


Since being founded in 2010, Conexus MedStaff has grown from a small, family-owned business in Houston, Texas to a large international company that helps people pursue their dream of a nursing career in the U.S.

The company embarked on an ambitious growth strategy, exploring how mergers and acquisitions might help it expand its operations even further. To support this ambitious growth the business invested in completing a company-wide organisational design project. GC Partner, Rencai Group introduced The GC Index into the programme to help them achieve goals.


Equipping students for the world of work to boost sustainable energy

EIT InnoEnergy is a European innovation engine for sustainable energy offering products and services for innovators, start-ups and scale-ups.

In 2017 they partnered with The GC Index and Enterprise Lab, a GC partner, to build a programme that would create a pipeline of talented people to work in and around sustainable energy.

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