The Young People Index is an online assessment instrument in preparing young people for success.

Developed using The GC Index® framework, it is designed to help young people discover their impact and greatness in the world. Used by education professionals and youth organisations, it helps identify and nurture the non-academic strengths of young people.

The results from the assessment empower young people by highlighting their natural preferences and inclinations in terms of how they contribute to a team, organisation, project or role and thus boost confidence and self-awareness.

The benefits to schools, youth organisations and young people include:

  • Improving the performance of schools and young people
  • Enhancing teachers’ and coaches’ knowledge of the individuals they are educating or coaching
  • Aiding understanding of the contribution each child makes and has the potential to make
  • Boosting the confidence of young people
  • Increasing rapport between teachers/coaches and children with additional behavioural and learning needs

Here, Helen Rivero, GCologist and Founder of The Young People Index Ltd talks about how The Young People Index is helping young people identify how they can make their game-changing impact.