It's time to get you migrated to the GC Platform

By the end of March 2023 most GC Partners will be migrated to the new GC Platform where they can now register Client Discussions (and much more!) all in one place.

If you have already received your login details for the GC Platform, head over to and register your Client Discussion there.

If you haven’t received your login details for the GC Platform, drop us an email at and we will get that all sorted for you.


There are thousands of conversations happening everyday between our GC Partners and their clients discussing how The GC Index can best align the impact of people to their organisational goals.

In addition to this, we also get contacted directly by client organisations who have been alerted to the power of The GC Index by one more of our GC Partners through their various awareness activities.

As The GC Index is a wholly Partner led organisation based upon core values of ‘Trust’ and ‘Respect’ we want to ensure we track this activity and align it appropriately with the correct GC Partner.

One way that helps us to do this, is to give our GC Partners the opportunity to log their initial client discussions with us so that if, and when, their client contacts us directly we have this information to hand and can, well…simply join the dots! ?


GC Partners do not have to register their client discussions, it is not mandatory but it is something that we highly recommend.

Firstly, this process enables us to align direct interest coming into The GC Index with the correct GC Partner. Secondly, here at The GC Index it helps us better support our GC Partners in their client discussions ensuring that we are providing the most relevant resources and information they may need for their client discussions.

However, most importantly, we must be clear  that  The GC Index will not share this information with any other GC Partner and The GC Index will not contact the client directly unless the GC Partner introduces us.

To register your client discussions please fill out the brief form below and we will ensure that it is logged against your GC Partner account for you.