What is it?

Empower Her is a development programme designed for organisations to attract, develop, progress, and retain their female talent. The programme empowers female talents to thrive at work, progress in their career, and lead with confidence. This programme will demonstrate your commitment to investing and sponsoring your female talents. I know that this programme will deliver highly impactful results for your organisation as I have delivered this for many years within my corporate roles.

The delegates complete The GC Index® so that we can focus during the programme and one-to-one coaching on how they can use their key areas for impact where they are strongest.

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Why is this important?

It is well-researched and proven that building a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive culture generates a diversity of thinking, innovation, and increased business impact. Organisations often struggle to progress female talent towards Senior and executive leadership roles. There are only 28% of females in C-suite roles currently. How are organisations committing to increasing this in the future? This programme will develop your female talents with proven skills, tools, and techniques which have been tried and tested to equip them with the ability to embed learning and play to their strengths and become impactful future leaders within your organisation.

How the solution works?

I will work with the organisation to decide on their selection criteria. A cohort of 12 females are selected. The organisation communicates why they have been chosen and the attendee and their line manager are communicated with to engage both to support the implementation of learning back in the role. The programme consists of nine monthly modules delivered in person at the organisation’s premises or arranged by the organisation. Between each module, each will gain a one-to-one bespoke coaching session to support their learning. During these sessions, The GC Index® assessment and report will be discussed and referenced during the programme. The focus is to support the female talents to focus on activities where they can deliver impact. The last session is a presentation to your board level or selected stakeholders from each of the female talents to demonstrate what they have gained from attending the programme, what they plan to do with the learning and what has been implemented. Together we will capture the ROI for your organisation to demonstrate the added value.  Please contact me by email to discuss the programme and if it is right for your organisation Vicky@empoweredchange.co.uk

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Attract future talents as you communicate to potential future females about how your organisation invest in your women.
  • You will notice your female talents develop in confidence, drive new initiatives and have a stronger sense of purpose and impact.
  • More female talent will progress into next-level roles or expand their areas of responsibility.
  • You will retain more female talents as they are being developed and will want to give back to the organisation.
  • These females will inspire and become representation and role models for others.
  • You have real-life examples to use in BIDs for business demonstrating your commitment to equality and diversity.

Please see below testimonials from others that I have developed either they have attended my programmes or had one-to-one coaching.

I look forward to having the opportunity to support your organisation to achieve your goals and see the impact of this investment. Email me at Vicky@empoweredchange.co.uk

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