GC Connect

Helping individuals, teams and organisations understand their game-changing impact.

We couldn’t be more excited to be hosting GC CONNECT, our very first GC Partner Summit, on the 14th March 2019, in London.

Building on the success of our work with organisations, teams and individuals we will bring together around 100 influential GC Partners and GCologists.

The event will include panel discussions and a selection of GC Partners will take the stage. It will give our community the opportunity to connect with GC Partners and GCologists to share ideas, collaborate and maximise impact and contribution.

We will also:

  • Share data from The GC Index®
  • Showcase how The GC Index® is helping leaders make business and talent decisions
  • Share stories about how The GC Index® is being used by GC Partners
  • Discuss how you can deliver real return on investment with The GC Index®

If you are an employee of a GC Partner or an Accredited GCologist please register for GC Connect here.

If you are not an employee of a GC Partner nor an Accredited GCologist but would like to understand how you can get involved in GC Connect please contact us by clicking the Discover More button below.