We help organizations match people to roles in a more insightful way. This requires a multi-dimensional understanding of employees and jobs, spanning skills, experience, individual enthusiasms, and company and team culture.

Make Informed decisions about your people

Now and again organizations set out to rearrange things. You may decide to streamline the organization structure, change product lines, or move the leadership around. The intention might be specifically to improve productivity, or to set up to seize new opportunities, or just to shake things up a little.

Whatever the goal, such initiatives always end up putting some people in new or re-defined roles. This can sometimes happen in a haphazard, almost random, way. We offer an objective and rational way of matching people to roles and roles to people.

Traditionally role assignment decisions have been narrowly based in proven skills and recorded experience. These remain essential and primary to such decisions, but we add further dimensions in terms of personality preferences, enthusiasms, team and company culture and role context. We also recognize that the optimal fit profile differs depending on your business trajectory and current circumstances.

Barbara Lancaster - Parallel Planet

“By expanding understanding of each role beyond a simplistic skills and experience assessment, we can create more comprehensive (and more useful) role descriptions that will enable assignment or reassignment of valuable people can be done with more confidence, faster, and with greater likelihood of success.”

Our Approach

First, we work with you to come to agreement on how success will be measured for each role, taking into account not just concrete and measurable business benefits, also personal performance metrics too.

Then we help establish specific factors that need to be taken into account in filling any specific role. Note that these insights are of value not just to line managers and HR, but also to candidates for the role: everyone performs better when they are enthused and fully engaged.

We use The GC Index as a tool to improve the assignment of people to roles, as it helps ensure that individuals are well matched (in terms of their enthusiasms) to the job, taking into account all aspects of the job and its business context.