Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Your clients rely on you to do it.

The GC Index is transforming recruitment by “matching” candidates to roles where they are most engaged and energised in the role and where they naturally want to make an impact in the business cycle.

Integrating The GC Index and GC Translate in your recruitment process can:

  1. Translate job descriptions into The GC Index language for optimal role-fit, mitigating the risk of failed hires.
  2. Align candidates with clients’ business expectations, enhancing both wellbeing and productivity.
  3. Offer additional services in areas like leadership development, culture transformation, strategic planning, EDI, Wellbeing, etc.


Complete the form below to experience The GC Index survey (it is easy to complete and will only take 10 minutes).

By doing so you will be taking part in the groundbreaking Recruitment Industry Impact Survey, profiling the Energy for Impact across the UK Recruitment sector.

All participants will receive access to the final Recruitment Agency Expo Industry Report, detailing the aggregated Impact Data by role level, company size, sector, geography, and more.

But also if you attend Recruitment Agency Expo 2024 you will have an opportunity to find out your own individual GC Impact Profile and discover…

Where you naturally want to make an impact at work

How to take control of your career and choose roles that get the best out of you

Why more and more organisations are embracing The GC Index to recruit the most impactful people