What is it?

The IMPACTFUL Leadership Teams Workshop is a transformative initiative designed to energize and motivate leadership teams in a unique and powerful way. Utilizing The GC Index®, with its simple, effective and outcome-driven language and framework, this workshop empowers team members to understand and harness their individual and collective impact. By providing a common language and framework, the workshop aims to unlock the true potential of each team member, fostering collaboration and delivering game-changing results for business priorities.

Strategic Importance in Uncertain Times

In the face of uncertainty, super fast rates of change and high demands, organizations with high-performing and impactful leadership teams are positioned for success. The program recognizes the crucial role leadership teams play in driving business outcomes and emphasizes the importance of each member contributing to their strengths. By enhancing collaboration and self-awareness, the program ensures that leadership teams are well-equipped to navigate challenges and lead with confidence.

3-Phase Approach for Personal and Collective IMPACT

Phase 1 – Pre Workshop

Individual GC Index® Impact Reviews: One-to-one review sessions with each team member, delving into their leadership impact and strengths using their GC Index® Profile.

Phase 2 – Workshop

Session 1 – Exploring Individual and Team Impact:

  • Personal Exploration: The program begins by delving into the 5 proclivities and individual preferences for contribution, utilizing The GC Index®.
  • Collective Impact: The team’s collective impact is then examined, highlighting implications for business priorities.
  • Building Collaboration: Strategies for mutual respect and collaboration are explored to provide effective leadership.

Session 2 – Personal Commitments and Team Action Planning:

  • Action-Oriented Workshop: Focuses on establishing personal and collective commitments to support effective collaboration.
  • Tangible Actions: Identifies specific actions to enhance team performance and ensure a positive impact on business priorities.
  • Framework Utilization: The GC Index® language enables easy identification of the right actions and assigning responsibilities to individuals with the right energies.

Phase 3 – Post Workshop

Follow-up and Accountability Session: Check-in with the top leader to understand how the team is working with their GC Index® Profiles as well as progressing on commitments and actions.

What’s in it for YOU, the TEAM & and the ORGANISATION

Empowering Leadership Teams for Tangible Business Outcomes

  • Valued Impact: Empowers leadership teams where each member’s impact is recognized and valued.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Promotes increased and more effective collaboration within the team.
  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Ensures a more efficient use of leadership resources and talents.
  • Business Focus: Heightens focus on business outcomes and results.
  • Confidence and Self-Awareness: Increases confidence and improves self-awareness among team members.
  • Tangible Actions: Identifies concrete actions that enhance team effectiveness, positively impacting business priorities.
  • Cascade Effect: Provides a framework and language that can cascade throughout the organization.
  • Flexible Delivery: Offers onsite and virtual delivery options tailored to organizational requirements.
  • Rapid Impact: Facilitates rapid positive impact on leadership collaboration, confidence, and performance.

All in all, the IMPACTFUL Leadership Teams Workshop stands as a catalyst for organizational success by unlocking the full potential of leadership teams, fostering collaboration, and ensuring a focused and impactful approach to business priorities.

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