What is it?

An experiential 7 weeks program helping current and future team leaders and managers upgrade their leadership and management skills. The purpose of this developmental program is to equip them with practical strategies and knowledge on how to create strong, efficient teams while also learning the best practices in the leadership field.

A 7 weeks program with a total duration of 2.5 months.

It includes the GC Index Assessment & Review session, 3 Group Sessions per month + 3 Individual Executive Sessions per month.

Mastering your abilities

If you are a team leader or you are looking to apply for a managerial role and you deeply care about the people in your team and about mastering your abilities, this executive program is for you.

This is a program for building up your:

  • self-awareness
  • self-confidence
  • leadership
  • and communicational skills.

Program details

Week 1

The GC Index® Individual Review Session

The A, B, C of Effective Leadership (1.5 hrs. interactive group training session)

Week 2

Achieving Communication Clarity & Effectiveness

Week 3

Leading with courage – understanding the psychology and strategies for decision-making and risk mitigation

Week 4

Mentoring team members – success behaviours to model in your team

Week 5

Organizational Impact – a business overview on how your role as a leader impacts the company’s success

Week 6

Program Project Delivery – individual presentations of key learnings and achievements, plus a leadership vision plan for the next 6 months

Week 7

Wrap-up session

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Improving the self-awareness of one’s leadership style
  • Access to practical strategies for optimising team communication & effectiveness
  • Clarity of action plans
  • Idea-generation support
  • Accelerated professional development and feedback on progress made.

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