What is it?

The AUC School of Business Team Leadership Program is an immersive development experience, designed to unlock and amplify leadership potential within teams. Integrating The GC Index to identify participants’ impact inclinations with personality insights from the Hogan Insight Series, the program offers a robust, data-driven foundation for personal and team growth. Customized workshops, personalized coaching, and actionable feedback sharpen team leaders’ strategic acumen, communication prowess, and decision-making abilities, equipping them to navigate and influence effectively in an ever-changing organizational landscape.

Why It Matters

Effective team leadership is pivotal for organizational success. The Team Leadership Program elevates the strategic and interpersonal capabilities of team leaders, ensuring they inspire and guide their teams effectively. It’s vital for cultivating leaders who can not only execute current strategies but also drive future initiatives, adapt to change, and sustainably contribute to organizational objectives.

How It Works

By combining The GC Index with the Hogan Insight Series, our program identifies leaders’ natural impact styles and leadership personas. Tailored workshops, real-world simulations, and one-on-one coaching sessions are then used to translate these insights into actionable leadership strategies, with continuous feedback mechanisms to ensure lasting development and alignment with core competencies.

So what are the benefits of using your solution?

The Team Leadership Program offers strategic benefits that cascade throughout the organization. It sharpens leaders’ ability to engage and motivate teams, fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration. Enhanced decision-making, effective communication, and strategic alignment result in increased productivity, innovation, and resilience, positioning the organization for long-term success and growth.