Are you selecting people for a specific job role, a new promotion, a training scheme or a fast track programme?

Do you need to understand your existing talent pool for an organisational restructure or for succession planning?

Whatever your reason for initiating a set of assessments, we can profile your people to help you make the right business decisions.

Why is it important?

The cost of making a poor decision is huge and long lasting.

While we often use a combination of assessment tools such as work based personality preference questionnaires and ability tests, we use The GC Index® to understand what really energises and inspires people to make the biggest impact in their role.

We want to help you to fit the right people in the right roles and teams, so that every employee loves working with you and loves what they are doing.

Why use The GC Index®?

While motivation and energy is measured in traditional strength based assessments, these are often used for entry level roles or trainee schemes to identify engagement for the role and development priorities.

As people become more experienced, our energy and engagement does not stop being important or relevant, but the typical methods of assessment become much less appropriate for higher level positions.

The GC Index® however, allows us to have those important and relevant conversations with leaders. It helps them understand how they can play to their strengths and maximise their contribution to the role, team and organisation.

What are the benefits?

When people love their job, they are energised by the things they do and the people they interact with. They thrive and perform at their best. It makes it much easier to overcome obstacles and deal with workload pressures.

Profiling helps you to fit the right people into the right roles and teams, because you understand what they are best at, and where they can add the most value.

It also helps to understand if there are parts of the role or tasks that they are likely to have less energy for or get frustrated with. It helps us to think about what we can do to keep them engaged and motivated, for optimum performance.