What is it?

Powered by the GC Index®, this is a program created for corporate or start-up teams, depending on their specific needs of growth, development and business impact. The program is run both in-person and virtually and is fit for several purposes, depending on your needs and goals:

  • talent acquisition
  • motivation & engagement
  • talent development
  • diversity & inclusion
  • innovation
  • culture transformation

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The program works in 6 steps:

  1. Needs analysis session – we identify needs and goals you are working towards.
  2. Completion of assessment – everyone in the team takes the assessment.
  3. Assessment results – these can be sent to the leaders only, or to everyone on the team, depending on what we discuss in the needs analysis session.
  4. Results debrief session with everyone on the team, or with leaders only, as applicable.
  5. Team training session based on the GC Index assessment results and aligned with your goal.
  6. Debrief session and discussion on development plan for your team– strengths to rely on or use more of, possible areas of improvement and ways in which you can achieve your goals and maximize your impact.


Because the workplace, as we know it, has already changed!
So, we can either wait for the changes to sink in and see how they affect us, or we can create those changes ourselves, and adapt them to how we work!

We live in volatile, uncertain times, so being able to adapt to whatever tomorrow brings while also creating the drive and the sense of purpose and motivation in our teams is essential!

This is a time where organizations absolutely need to reinvent the way they work and do business.

We will see success being redefined.

Successful teams and workplaces will be the ones that are able to ‘go where the puck will be, not where it is now’, to paraphrase the great Wayne Gretzky!
(‘A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.’)


  1. Attract and retain talent that has the right business impact for your organization.
  2. Gain clarity on goals and actions needed to achieve them.
  3. Align everyone on the team to a common framework and language, that allows them to work better together and achieve goals.
  4. Understand how the team members impact the team and organization as a whole, how they work differently and how they can make these differences work to everyone’s benefit.
  5. Support teams and leaders in making the best contributions they can make, thus increasing motivation and engagement, with a focus on diversity and inclusion.
  6. Create teams and organizations that understand when to invent, innovate, strategize, implement or develop products or services further, and how they can best achieve that with the people on the team.

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