Ambition, published by the Association of MBNAs, ran an article from Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index, focusing on multi-dimensional leadership.

In reality, leadership is often only ever partially understood by personality qualities. However, leadership is more than a way of being in the world, it is a way of doing in the world. From this new thinking and practice emerges a new framework for leadership. This framework is multidimensional, strengths-based, and it works with an individuals preferred contribution in role, or proclivity.

Imagine an approach to leadership talent that is not so much about personality and a way of being in the world, as it is about providing the licence and freedom at work to explore your natural inclinations and really leverage them for business benefit? How would that change the way we lead and the futures we create? In this approach we focus on developing impact regardless of age, race, gender, personality or level within an organisation. We also recognise and support that there are many different ways to lead.

John says, “There is no perfect leader. Different inclinations bring a richness that we need to drive different futures for different companies. A view that allows people to play to their particular strengths and inclinations in a way that a unitary view of leadership and potential does not.”