In a rapidly evolving business landscape, HR leaders face unprecedented challenges. The Gartner HR Priorities Survey for 2024, encompassing insights from over 500 HR leaders across 40 countries, spotlights the top concerns and priorities guiding HR strategies.

Simon Etherington, Chief Strategist at The GC Index, explains how these priorities link to The GC Index® framework and why they are crucial in the face of an “unsettled” employee-employer relationship, productivity anxiety, and mutual mistrust, showcasing the need for strategic interventions.


Gartner’s Top 5 HR Priorities for 2024


Leader and Management Development

Common challenges:

  • 75% of HR leaders acknowledge managers overwhelmed by expanding job responsibilities.
  • 73% confirm leaders and managers lack the necessary tools for effective change leadership.

How The GC Index® Addresses Leader and Manager Development

The GC Index® is the compass for aligning managers with roles where they find their optimal energy. Without this alignment, enhanced well-being, better decision-making, and heightened productivity remain elusive.

By leveraging The GC Language, managers can articulate the business impact required for any role, fostering clear expectations and synergies. Evolving the job itself through GC Translate (The GC Index’s human augmented AI content translator) ensures a tailored fit between the manager’s energy and the role, fostering job satisfaction, impactful collaboration, and, crucially, higher productivity.


Organisational Culture

Common challenges:

  • 41% of HR leaders note compromised employee connection to culture due to hybrid work.
  • 47% express uncertainty in driving change to achieve the desired culture.

How The GC Index® Addresses Organisational Culture

Unlike traditional approaches, The GC Index® is an Organimetric that measures “Business Culture.” And can produce an Organisational Impact Map (OIM) that dissects Business Culture across the organisation, offering a unique perspective, to improve culture connectedness by aligning the Business Culture to the work and activities that need to be done. According to Gartner employee culture connectedness can increase by up to 43% when culture is diffused through work.


HR Technology

Common challenges:

60% of HR leaders are uncertain about the impact of evolving technology trends.

56% confirm misalignment between HR technology solutions and business needs.

How The GC Index Addresses HR Technology

Enter GC Translate, a human augmented AI tool translating any content to gauge its intended business impact. This tool extends to HR leaders’ decision-making across various domains, from strategy and business to talent management and development. The GC Index® data empowers HR leaders to navigate the complex landscape of evolving technology trends, ensuring alignment with organisational needs.


Change Management 

Common challenges:

  • 77% of HR leaders report employees feeling fatigued.
  • 82% highlight managers unequipped to lead change effectively.

How The GC Index® Addresses Change Management

Change fatigue is an outcome of low energy, a core metric measured by The GC Index. By aligning individuals with roles, projects, responsibilities and tasks where they have natural energy, organisations can mitigate fatigue and equip managers with the GC Language for effective communication. The GC Index® provides insights into understanding and optimising team dynamics during change, ensuring successful transformations.


Career Management and Internal Mobility 

Common challenges:

  • 89% believe career paths are unclear for many employees.
  • 66% agree career paths within their organisations lack appeal.

How The GC Index® Addresses Career Management and Internal Mobility

GC Translate plays a pivotal role in mapping out role profiles and responsibilities, empowering employees to own their career paths. The combination of GC Translate and GC Profiles enables organisations to tailor roles around individuals, creating compelling career paths. In the era of agile work cycles, The GC Index® becomes indispensable in managing change effectively and fostering impactful collaboration.



In navigating the complex landscape of HR challenges, The GC Index emerges as a powerful ally. The single data point it provides becomes the strategic lever for HR leaders to enhance well-being, drive cultural alignment, harness evolving technologies, manage change fatigue, and optimise career paths. As HR leaders chart their course in 2024, The GC Index® stands ready as the compass guiding them towards success.

Note: Statistics and challenges mentioned are derived from the Gartner 2024 HR Priorities Survey.