Once you get the relationships ‘right’, then success will naturally follow. This is the belief of a group of individuals we call Play Makers. They are instinctive ‘people gatherers’ who are happy for others to be in the spotlight. They know what makes people tick, what it takes to motivate and influence people, and collective achievement is more important to these individuals than individual glory.

Play Makers Enable Others Rather Than Delegate

GCIndex_Heros_Play MakerPlay Makers invest in their relationships with the focus of getting things done through the strength of their relationships and shared endeavour. But delegation does not fit this individual, they enable others rather than delegate. Their pleasure is in seeing others shine.

This could be the team captain who knows how to get the best out of everyone, the marketing person who effortlessly pulls everyone together to put on a wonderful event or the practice manager of a doctor’s surgery ensuring everyone contributes in making it run like clockwork.

So how do these individuals survive and thrive in a given environment, why don’t they seek the spotlight and what is it about collective success that makes them tick? These are some of the questions answered by out next video in the ‘Talking Heads Series’.


Meet our Play Maker – Mike O’Dell

Mike O'Dell - Play MakerIn our ‘Talking Heads Series’ we meet a Play Maker – Mike O’Dell, Co-Founder of Profitry, which he set up to help SMEs manage the interface between people and process.

Mike has had a successful career in the human resources space, working for the likes of O2, World Remit, William Hill and Colt. In this incredibly insightful interview he talks to Dr GC about being a ‘Play Maker’.

Play Makers focus on getting the best from others, individually and collectively, in support of agreed objectives. Dr GC talks to Mike about his self-awareness and the skills that he’s learned and acquired that have underpinned his success in the corporate world as a Play Maker.

Mike identifies the essence of the Play Maker and discusses how developing trust is key to motivating others and succeeding. Mike says, “Once you have trust in place people don’t let you down because they don’t deliberately do something bad. It’s great to work with people who have humility, if they do make a mistake and take you down the wrong pathway, they can recognise it and correct it.”

Mike goes on to explain how he’s driven by seeing the collective succeed, why conflict is a good thing and its context within stimulating action, the impact of the scenario on others and how that directs the structure of a work stream and how important it is to ensure every individual is engaged and motivated to succeed. He believes the reward to all of this is seeing people succeed and develop.

“A pressed man or woman rarely does a good job” – Mike O’Dell

The GC Index Talking Heads – The Playmaker – Mike O’Dell from The GC Index on Vimeo.


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