As The Association of MBAs and The GC Index join forces to launch a global research study into game-changing teams, David Woods-Hale, Editor of Ambition, finds out why this study is so important.

Leadership is an intricate constellation or blend of capabilities and qualities but a definition of ‘the perfect team’ is too simplistic for the complexity of business we face. If we want to change the game, we must recognise and recruit players who might not fit the moulds we’ve cast over the years.

New perspectives on and approaches to leadership qualities, instead focusing on how individuals prefer to contribute to a project, role or organisation. It is revolutionising the way that individuals, teams and organisations operate, shifting mindsets to focus on impact.

David speaks to Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index. He says, “Leadership is often only partially understood in terms of personality qualities. However, leadership is more than a way of being in the world, it is a way of doing in the world.

“There is no one leadership style that is better than another and there is no perfect leader. Different inclinations bring a richness that we need to drive different futures for different companies. Take a view that allows people to play to their strengths and inclinations in a way that a unitary view of leadership and potential does not.”

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