What is it?

Everyone knows that having a high performance culture is key to your business success. Having the people with the right attitudes, behaviours and mindset for growth, innovation and inclusion. It doesn’t have to take a long time to create a high performance culture. Our accelerated culture change using a 3-stage approach ensures a rapid and effective transformational shift in culture, mindset and behaviours.
Our formula of …

  • ‘Purpose + leadership skills + Impact understanding = GAME CHANGING Performance ‘
  • Ensures your organisation is catapulted into a culture of innovation and performance

Combining Precision and Speed to...

Accelerating the Culture Change Journey
With our diagnostic tools, expertise and experience, we can:
  • Understand your appetite and readiness levels for growth/innovation/ D&I/
  • Uncover enablers and inhibitors of your current culture
  • Create the right culture for your future success
  • Profile your teams & optimally re-organise around impact and contribution to both the change and to new culture
  • Diagnose then rapidly mobilising a of change teams
  • Understand employee skills and capability gap
  • Get the right people in the right roles, overnight
  • Design and roll out the ‘engage in new culture’  strategy
  • Equip leaders with the skills for the future
  • Support the implementation and embedding of the cultural change in and agile way

Make it count...


“Culture accounts for 20-30% of the differential in relative corporate performance”

(Journal of the British Academy: 2018)

Change that is measured in weeks; not months and years!

Based upon a hybrid of our 6-stage framework we are able to support you through a precise change to your culture and performance with our Cultr2.0, 3-stage approach.

We work with you; understanding and utilising your key resources and your organisation to help harness and channel your capability into effective change; engaging your people along the way to ensure lasting culture change, from within.

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