What is it?

Everyone knows that having a high performance culture is key to your business success. Having the people with the right attitudes, behaviours and mindset for growth, innovation and inclusion. It doesn’t have to take a long time to create a high performance culture. Our accelerated culture change using a 3-stage approach ensures a rapid and effective transformational shift in culture, mindset and behaviours.
Our formula of …

  • ‘Purpose + leadership skills + Impact understanding = GAME CHANGING Performance ‘
  • Ensures your organisation is catapulted into a culture of innovation and performance

Combining Precision and Speed to...

Accelerating the Culture Change Journey
With our diagnostic tools, expertise and experience, we can:
  • Understand your appetite and readiness levels for growth/innovation/ D&I/
  • Uncover enablers and inhibitors of your current culture
  • Create the right culture for your future success

Using the data and insight from The GC Index we can ensure each implementation layer has the correct balance resource assigned for maximise contribution, progress and hence impact – delivering the culture change faster and with optimum resource.

This enables you to:

  • Profile your teams & optimally re-organise around impact and contribution to both the change journey and to the new culture
  • Diagnose then rapidly mobilising of change teams
  • Understand employee skills and capability gap
  • Get the right people in the right roles, overnight
  • Design and roll out the ‘engage in new culture’  strategy
  • Equip leaders with the skills for the future
  • Support the implementation and embedding of the cultural change in and agile way

Make it count...


“Culture accounts for 20-30% of the differential in relative corporate performance”

(Journal of the British Academy: 2018)

Change that is measured in weeks; not months and years!

Based upon a hybrid of our 6-stage framework we are able to support you through a precise change to your culture and performance with our Cultr2.0, 3-stage approach:

  1. Insight
  2. Design 
  3. Embed

We work with you; understanding and utilising your key resources and your organisation to help harness and channel your capability into effective change; engaging your people along the way to ensure lasting culture change, from within.

Cultr 2.0 is for those organisations who are committed to embed their aspirational culture in half the time.

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