The GC Index is featured in the third bi-annual Digital Transformation Tracker (DTT), alongside Detecon and Concentra.

The DTT is published by the TM Forum, the industry association driving digital transformation through collaboration. It is a global survey of more than 200 communications service providers (CSPs) and their technology suppliers tracks the progress of the telecoms industry’s digital transformation.

The results show slower-than-expected progress towards network transformation, despite 44% of CSPs agreeing that it plays an integral part in digital transformation success.

Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at The GC Index, argues all too often the blame for difficulty transforming is placed at the feet of technology. But in actual fact the lack of focus on organisational processes and culture of the company are often the ball and chain holding it back.

When quizzed about their views of digital transformation 71 per cent of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) said cultural and organisational issues are a serious barrier to digital transformation. We know it is important to align people, work, skills and behaviours with the new technology and business models.

Sadly, the research suggests this is not happening with only 38 per cent of respondents to DTT stating that leadership could be trusted to lead and drive transformational change. 24 per cent felt that the business they worked for recognised and nurtured the sort of talent that might initiate change. Only 42 per cent felt that there was a “safe to fail” culture in their organisation.

Nathan Ott says, “The workplace will be an entirely different place in twenty years than it is today, and unrecognisable in fifty years. Those companies that have a culture tailored for transformation will be able to adapt, evolve and maintain their place.”

The DTT report talks about the new TM Forum Catalyst project called Digital Organisation and Culture Transformation. This has has been developed to help companies recognise that they need to make changes, identify which changes need to be made, and then to implement them and create a culture to support these changes.