What is it?

According to Csikszentmihalyi, the human mind can process up to 120 bits of information per second. When we’re challenging ourselves with a task, our mind reaches full capacity. If the activity at hand happens to be something we enjoy and we’re good at, we achieve a flow mental state — and it can leave us feeling ecstatic, motivated and fulfilled.

This short individual coaching programme is for leaders who want to experience that flow; to make work easier for themselves but get better results and make a bigger impact.

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Channel Your Energy

Take a chance to step back, to reassess yourself and then channel your energy in the right direction.

Too often leaders batter themselves off a wall at high speed. Regularly. They do lots but achieve little, making less useful impact than they want to have. they put off the bits of their job they dislike and spend inordinate amounts of time on other sections that they prefer.

Ultimately they become dissatisfied, disillusioned or burnt out.

Or alternatively they use their GC Index results to realign themselves to what they are designed for and start to flow better, taking people with them on the journey, getting to where they want to be.

It’s a relatively simple process; the questionnaire doesn’t take long to complete, the results are easy to understand and you can define actions that are achievable.

How it Works

This coaching process comes in three parts.

Step 1

Complete the GC Index and review the results to find out where you sit and what you might be designed for.

Step 2

Go for a coaching walk to discuss the results and build an action plan around what skills you want to build which, allied to your results, will help you make the greatest flowing impact. (This could be a ‘virtual’ walk if an in-person physical walk is impossible).

Step 3

Check in (perhaps with another walking) to review progress and decide on next steps.

Make More Impact

  • Stop walking through treacle – achieve more of the right things with greater ease
  • Be more ‘in the zone’, experiencing that flow state where what you do matches who you are.
  • Understand yourself better, with a knock on impact for understanding other people.
  • Fit into your team surroundings
  • Know who to gather around you to complement your contribution
  • Discover walking and outdoor meeting benefits