We are delighted to announce our partner, Rialto Consultancy, has won an Organisational Culture Excellence Award and has been named Consultancy of the Year. The ceremony was held at the Tower Hotel, St Katharine’s Way, London, on the 16th November 2016.

The OC Excellence Consultancy of the Year Award recognises the investment Rialto made in building strong client partnerships. It also recognises their continual focus on innovation in shaping culture change and performance improvement solutions, which demonstrate real business impact.

The OC Excellence Award judges said, “Rialto’s entry was impressive. There was strong evidence that the team have a great working relationship with their client. They demonstrated incredible organisational culture changes for their client and should be proud of their accomplishments.”

Richard Chiumento, Director of Rialto Consultancy said, “We have always work closely with clients to deliver projects with maximum impact and are delighted to have won the OC Excellence Award. To be recognised as excelling in our work in transforming organisational cultures is extremely important to us and confirmation that we are leading the way.”

The Rialto Consultancy has recently extended its offering to include services based on The GC Index®. Rialto has a team of accredited GCologists who will be using The GC Index® to help thousands of organisations compete in today’s fast-changing, volatile and uncertain world.