What is it?

We work with you to help shape effective recruitment decisions.

Our insights provide differentiation, highlight the potential impact of shortlisted candidates and spark questions to explore at the final interview stages.

Working with your unique needs, job description and person specification, we establish a profile to meet the requirements of the role. This includes the impact they would make within the current team dynamics and highlight which candidates are best suited to your vision.

Why is it important?

Recruitment decisions always matter, at all levels, but with executives the resulting impact can be even greater in terms of financial investment, effectiveness and credibility.

When your final short list of candidates is drawn up, the margins are often fine. They all come with an impressive career history and the requisite qualifications. Such decisions cannot be taken lightly so the data layer provided by the GC Index® assists your selection process.

Our expertise saves you time and money. It also counters unconscious bias and supports equality, diversity and inclusivity, giving you the clarity and confidence to make the right appointment.

How does it work?

We consult with you on the impact you seek with sight of any job description and candidate specification.

All shortlisted candidates receive a bespoke GC Index® profile and one-to-one feedback session. This information is shared with you, along with analysis of each person’s potential impact and any areas that require further investigation. This adds a unique and revelatory layer to your decision-making process.

A recommended option is to profile all existing team members who will work closely with the prospective candidate. This identifies existing leadership combinations and the collective inclusive, dominant and potential impact.

What is the impact?

Swift, accurate implementation of the GC Index® means access to meaningful, comparative candidate data. These more nuanced reports provide a unique, balanced view of each candidate’s impact and their potential blind spots. This assists and, in many cases, expedites the process while mitigating hiring risks.

All your shortlisted candidates may have the required skills, but it is the combination of these with their natural proclivities that is so powerful. Using this extra layer of data, enables judicious decision making and confidence that the successful candidate will make the desired impact and contribution your business requires.