InnoEnergy published a blog from #InnoVoice and InnoEnergy student, Agnes Welsz, who shared her experience using The GC Index® and impact coaching.

Agnes took part in a new initiative, the InnoEnergy Game-Changing Impact programme, launched to ‘bridge the gap between education and enterprise’ by encouraging students to take a fresh approach to creating a future powered by renewables.

Students on InnoEnergy Master’s School got the opportunity to work with a personal coach throughout the programme, which enabled them to gain access to experienced business professionals, participate in group projects, gain real self-awareness and work on real business challenges.

Agnes talked about her GC Index® profile and the insight impact coaching has provided. She said, “My coaching sessions are not only helping me identify how I can make an impact, using The GC Index®, but also teaching me so much about how I operate as an individual.”

The benefit of a coach

As a Polisher, Agnes continuously strives to make things better and sometimes finds it hard to let go. She says, “Whilst I know the benefits that come from continuously trying to improve, I am also aware that constantly demanding perfection can cause problems. I often delay or put off making decisions or starting new endeavours out of concern that things won’t work out the right way.

“Sometimes I get lost in the detail, which has caused me a lot of stress in the past. My coaching sessions have helped me to accept my perfectionist tendencies, understanding the benefits rather than criticising myself. I have also learnt practical exercises and tools that I can use to avoid putting too much pressure on myself, allowing me to let things go when needed.”

To read Agnes’ full blog please visit InnoEnergy.