What is it?

Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index enables teams to rapidly understand the impact they can make on crucial business priorities, even when they’re not in the same location as their colleagues, so they can continue to deliver game-changing business outcomes while working remotely.


Because Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index will rapidly unlock and engage the hidden potential of your team to deliver your business priorities while working remotely, allowing you to reduce the risks presented by the coronavirus epidemic on your operations.


Today’s world is more connected than ever before, as advances in technology drive new forms of remote collaboration within teams and between organisations. However, many teams still work remotely on an infrequent basis and collaboration is often achieved by having individuals working together in the same physical environment. Many find this environment gives them a greater perception of productivity and accountability that they don’t associate with working remotely.

As the coronavirus outbreak hits the business world, these common collaboration practices are being stretched, with many organisations likely to be forced to increase the volume of remote working in order to continue operating, or face having to reduce or shut down key operations.

To survive, let alone prosper during this period of uncertainty, organisations need to keep all of their people connected and productive, even when they are no longer able to work in the same environment together.

The problem many organisations face is how to ensure their teams are working effectively and making the right contribution to deliver their key priorities, when remote working is usually an exception and not the rule.

Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index solves this problem. Not only does it reduce the risks associated with having teams working remotely, but also enhances employee wellbeing, provides clarity about how each can make their best contribution and provides a framework for impactful collaboration that deliver benefits well into the future.

It requires very low levels of investment and can be delivered within days, completely remotely.


Impactful Remote Working Powered By The GC Index starts with a conversation between ourselves and your management team to establish the business priorities the team needs to deliver.

Next, each member of your team undertakes The GC Index by completing an online questionnaire that takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Following this, we carry out a 90 minute remote review session with each individual where we provide clarity on:

  • The impact they can make as a member of the team
  • How they can utilise their impact to ensure they deliver their key priorities
  • How they can validate that they’re making the right contribution while working remotely

Finally, we deliver a 3 hour group call where we use the GC Index language and framework to establish total clarity around individuals’ contributions to the team and how they best make an impact with their colleagues remotely.

We will work with the team to formulate tangible action plans that will deliver the business outcomes necessary to prosper in an uncertain environment, using their new understanding of how they can best make an impact while working remotely.

From the outset of this process we ensure, through discussion with you that the questions raised throughout the process are the right ones. The detailed design will be tailored to the exact needs of your team and business.


  • Rapid and compelling insight into the impact each individual makes as part of the team.
  • A clear understanding of how the team can collectively facilitate great business outcomes while working remotely.
  • An opportunity to uncover how the team can collectively facilitate business development and growth while collaborating remotely.
  • Clarity about the business outcomes your team is likely to deliver.
  • Impactful personal development.
  • Increased alignment within the team and a means of organising collective activity that makes it easy to deliver the greatest impact.
  • Reduced risks through increased productivity, collaboration and business impact

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