In an article published today, on the Independent Leader, Andrew Roberts-Wray, the headmaster at Yarrells Preparatory School, explains his philosophy on leadership and how a new approach to SLT development is proving to be a great success with staff.

Just a couple of months into his headship at Yarrells Preparatory School he recognised the need to work with the leadership team to build a sense of trust and create a shared vision in order to create a game-changing team that would drive both school and pupil performance.

A new way of working

With many teachers new to leadership positions there was a need to provide support to help them with the transition into a leadership role and to  invest some time to ensure we gelled as a team, supporting one another instead of operating in silos, which can often happen.

He set out with two key aims to drive performance in the school, which were to create:

  • a strong unified leadership team;
  • a shared vision and purpose for the school.

He used The GC Index to identify how each of the leaderships team contributed.