InnoEnergy published a blog from #InnoVoice and InnoEnergy student, Samuel Akpobome. He shared his experience using The GC Index® and impact coaching.

Samuel is taking part in a new initiative, the InnoEnergy Game-Changing Impact programme. This was launched to ‘bridge the gap between education and enterprise’ by encouraging students to take a fresh approach to creating a future powered by renewables.

Students on the InnoEnergy Master’s School get the opportunity to work with a personal coach throughout the programme. This enables them to gain access to experienced business professionals, participate in group projects, gain real self-awareness and work on real business challenges.

Samuel talked about his GC Index® profile. His top proclivities are for the roles of Game Changer (individuals who are very open to new ideas and have the imagination to ‘see’ what is possible in ways that others don’t) and Play Maker (individuals who are at their very best when they deliver effectively through others, bringing focus and direction to activity).

Samuel said, “My coach highlighted the dangers of taking on too much. He helped me understand that when we say ‘yes’ to everything we run the very real risk of not having time do to anything properly. By helping me understand how taking on too much could ruin my reputation and leave others questioning my commitment, I now feel much more comfortable saying no.”

The importance of teamwork

Samuel talked about a Master Mind session, run by InnoEnergy, focusing on innovation and creativity. The session gave participants the opportunity to practice skills – these include creativity, opportunism, problem solving and team working.

He said, “The sessions have helped me see the beauty of diversity. It taught me the need to leverage the power of diversity and to value varied opinions and different points of view. This is something I can certainly take into the workplace.”

To read Samuel’s blog in full please visit InnoEnergy.