What is it?

Team Impact Development is a customized solution that focuses on the alignment of the impact of the team as a whole with business priorities. Leading the Future provides the client with an objective diagnostic of the current situation, including main strengths and suggested areas for development. Customized workshops and team coaching are designed and delivered to develop specific areas agreed to with the client.

Team Impact Development includes workshops that focus on enhancing critical skills like self-awareness and emotional intelligence, fostering a successful and engaged workplace. It also includes team coaching, where we guide participants in identifying a shared purpose and removing interpersonal barriers.

Team Impact Development

Team Impact Development is essential for leading organizations with eyes wide open. Understanding the capabilities and impact of current teams and guiding their development to align with changes in the organization, whether cultural change or for mergers and acquisitions, is a key function for business leaders. The causes for the dysfunction or success of particular teams is not a mystery. Leading the Future provides data and diagnostics to enable business leaders to see the impact of their teams and how to optimize their capabilities.

Team Impact Development empowers teams to improve communication and cooperation, reduce conflict, and increase appreciation for diversity by exploring the different personality styles found in the workplace.

Team Impact Development

Team Impact Development starts with conducting individual Game Changers Index profiles and review sessions with the team members to uncover their main areas of impact in the business. Enneagram personality assessment is also conducted. A team workshop is then offered to work through the diagnostic and agree on an action plan. Team coaching and specific skills workshops are then delivered.

Team Impact Development

Team Impact Development is a solution that provides data the client can use beyond the task at hand. The assessment tools provide insights with multiple usages including succession, promotion, team formation. It also leads to better understanding by the individuals of their value in the business cycle and their contribution.

  • Data-driven insights for succession planning, promotions, and team formation.
  • Enhanced understanding of individual value and contribution.
  • Customized workshops covering essential competencies.
  • Ongoing support through coaching sessions.
  • Thorough team analysis and profiling.
  • Structured process to identify a shared purpose and overcome barriers.
  • Customized approach to meet your organization’s needs.