The uncertainty that we are faced with right now, driven by this global pandemic, provides an impetus for potential change to corporate life as we know it and the use of the tried and tested business models that we have relied on for years, says Nathan Ott

For many, particularly the Strategists among us, the opportunity to ignite change in our corporate world will be a frightening thought because strategists naturally ask ‘why’ and look for links between events and data.

They bring a logical and analytical mind to making predictions about the future based upon the patterns of the past.

Data from The GC Index shows the strength of the strategist proclivity for individuals who hold a senior leadership role within larger organisations.

Strategists will lead with possibilities that are a product of what has gone before

They will present their ideas in a way that engages others and mobilises action. They will bring optimism and energy to a fundamental human need to predict the future by mastering the present. Ideas will become strategies, strategies will become plans of action, and action will help people to feel potent.

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