Orange Uses The TM Forum’s DMM & The GC Index To Accelerate Transformation

Orange, International Telecoms operator, has recently undergone a digital transformation to align its CIO and group strategy. It named the project “Essentials2020”.

The objective of the project included removing silos to ensure different functions across the business work closer together, in order to improve efficiency and stay ahead of competitors with regards to digital transformation.

Pascal Vignier, Inspector General at Orange, joined a webinar with TM Forum and The GC Index to talk about their approach to digital transformation.

In conversation with Nathan Ott, CEO & Chief Polisher at The GC Index, and Robert Walker, Director at TM Forum, Pascal said if he had to lead a digital transformation project again it would be with the TM Forum’s Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and The GC Index® by their side from the get-go.

You can watch the full presentation here:

YouTube video

A Diverse Team Adds Value

The CIO leadership team, within Orange, completed The GC Index®, which helped them identify the diversity of people and skills within the leadership team. It highlighted three prominent distinct management styles – contemporary, charismatic and visionary leadership.

When looking at the highest score for each member of the team, about 35 percent were Play Makers, followed by Strategists (24 percent), Implementers (17 percent), Game Changers (12 percent) and Polishers (12 percent).

This opened up conversation around diversity and how best to utilise the variety of potential impact.

By aggregating a bit differently, Orange discovered that each of its team members have some game-changing qualities, and overall the leadership team falls into the transformation category, but is slightly traditional.

The TM Forum’s Digital Maturity Model (DMM) also enabled Pascal and his team to identify areas where they could perhaps do with strengthening the team. This gave them the opportunity to focus on attracting individuals with those skills, using The GC Index® to identify them.

Being able to identify distinct proclivities within the team drove a more open armed approach to the diversity in the team and a better understanding about how each team member could have the greatest impact.

In closing Pascal advocated the DMM as an industry standard allowing a universal measurement, which enables organisations to benchmark itself against competitors and develop further in the digital arena.

Driving Superior Performance

Pascal talked about how the DMM and The GC Index® has given Orange the opportunity to identify and value the contribution Game Changers bring and also the diversity of proclivities across it’s entire team.

The framework has allowed Orange to accelerate transformation by increasing the confidence and self-esteem of individual employees and driving diversity acceptance and superior performance.

To view the webinar in full please click here.