What is it?

Nowadays organizations have to renew themselves regularly in order to keep the tempo with the changes and challenges of the environment. In our Organizational development approach we set up a realistic transformation plan combining hard and soft dimensions and integrate organization desicg and organization deployment in an integrated action plan, on this way ensuring secure business running while transforming. We rely on the involvement of the management and keep the process open for a dialog with all involved parties. Our focus is to balance structural and cultural factors in the change.

Critical elements

One of the most critical elements in implementing any strategy is translating it into reality. Companies mostly focus on the structural side of implementation ensuring that plans and tasks are well defined. Often times they neglect the cultural side, forgetting Peter Drucker’s old wisdom: „culture eats strategy for breakfast”.In our solution we create awarness around the culture, making the unvisible visible and provide tools how to handle it leaders who ar enot used to have that perspective among others with the help of the GCI. The process is built upon constant managmanet of boht strands in the transformation in order to ensure lasting change.

Mission and vision

In our solution we start with the mission and vision of the company and map out the envisioned future on both, structural and cultural terms.

As a next step we analyse the „As Is” state of structure, culture and impacts of the various levels of the business among others with the help of the Organimetric tool GCI. Based on the diagnosis we create a path for the organisation with numerous solution strands applying our many different tools ranging from workshops, trainings, assessments, developments individually or in teams, gamifications, HR systems to ensure the best support on this journey.

As a result

As a result we will have engaged and onboarded people who work in alignemnt to accelerate the change by finding their best role and impact in the transformation.