Vicky Sleight, Chief Play Maker at The GC Index and Chief Perfect Officer, Perfect Ltd & Senior, featured in the latest issue of The Mobile Century, published by the Global Telecom Women’s Network (GTWN).

She discusses how digital transformation is changing our lives in ways we could never have imagined. It is not just a technological transformation, but a cultural shift.

Vicky says, “As trillions of dollars are invested in making our world smarter through digital technology, we need to ask ourselves whether we as humans are also investing enough of our effort in getting ready for this new world. Machines will continue to get smarter, whilst if we do not make a conscious effort to evolve, we may in effect become less smart through our increasing reliance on automation. Our digital legacy needs to reflect the diversity of human knowledge, experience and culture, and it needs to provide a clear pathway for the next generation to create a future of promise for all.”


Future skills and jobs

Vicky talks about the importance of passing on relevant skills to future talent. She says, “The critical roles will be the ones that require human creativity, innovation and thinking, flexibility and resilience. In future, people will need to understand their individual and shared purpose and know how their contribution will impact that common purpose, and how the world of the machine and the world of humans can co-exist harmoniously and to the benefit of both.”

She talks about the need to energise the teams and workplaces of the future to reflect the needs of a diverse society and discusses how The GC Index® can do just this. It removes any bias, conscious or unconscious, and enables us to measure everyone’s individual impact and contribution to the team.



The GC Index® has been adapted into a version for young people, The Young People Index®,which is being led by Helen Rivero.  This is helping to transform young people’s lives by enabling educationalists to identify and nurture the key talents of young people, who are the leaders of the future. It has been applied very successfully in schools, to help students identify their core strengths and leadership styles, and to prepare them to face the future of study and work with confidence.


James Wilder from St Peters School in Bournemouth, UK says: “The Young People Index® has allowed students to explore the transferrable skills and qualities needed in the workplace. The programme ‘opens the eyes’ of the students to the needs for all types of team players and has highlighted the contribution that as individuals they can make to a group or organisation… if targeted and aimed at certain students, it can give them a real feeling of worth and empowerment.”


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