Procurious founder, Tania Seary, talks about Game Changers, disruptors and collaboration, in the Procurement industry.

In a world increasingly recognising ‘disruption’ as a strategic business skill, where an army of highly talented and ambitious professionals are fighting their way to the front line in the war for talent, the idea of being identified as a ‘GameGchanger’ is quite coveted.

After all, we all want to get named on the high potential talent list, don’t we?

Despite media hype and discussions at high brow HR think tanks about game changing individuals it turns out that being a game changer isn’t necessarily a good thing.

You see, what most large organisations actually want are executives who can execute the strategy and implement. In other words – get stuff done. What has been discovered is that game changers can sometimes lack EQ, and have the potential to bulldozer their way through an organisation, eventually proving themselves to actually be too disruptive.

Those organisations who actually do need a disruptive or transformative force are now separating out these individuals from the rest of the pack, and placing them in “garages”, “incubators” and “shark tanks”, to use their unique skill sets for good, not evil.

Tania looks at The GC Index and the way organisations are using it to make sure their teams are working to their strengths and capabilities to ensure long term stability and transformation.

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