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The COVID-19 pandemic has raised serious concerns about people’s mental well-being. The risk of infection, reduced income, job losses and lockdown have resulted in a higher level of ill-health, particularly depression and anxiety disorders. Our new GC Wellbeing proposition flexibly assists organisations with this “new normal”. Not only can we quickly implement quick wins – such as Mental Health First Aid courses – but we help build bespoke Wellbeing strategies too.

At the heart of our wellbeing approach is the belief that if people know where they like to devote their energies and make an impact, they’ll be in a better state of mental health.


We believe a successful, integrated well-being strategy needs to include: health, lifestyle, engagement, culture, leadership and people management.

Our new GC Wellbeing process has four stages of development:

  1. Conduct initial organisational wellbeing checks, to understand what existing activity, policies and good practices already exist.
  2. Help organisations implement ‘quick wins’ as appropriate. These may include training mental health first aiders, awareness sessions or providing specialist one-to-one coaching for senior leaders, incorporating a focus on their own and their team’s mental health.
  3. Provide consultative support to organisations wishing to embed their own wellbeing strategy, and helping them implement and build awareness.
  4. Establish ‘review and refinement’ processes, ensuring the next generation of wellbeing ambassadors ensure maximum organisational awareness and best practice.

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According to research done by the Centre for Mental Health (2017) the business costs of mental ill health have increased 35% in the last decade and now include:

  • £10.6bn in sickness absence;
  • £21.2bn in reduced productivity when at work;
  • £3.1bn in replacing staff who leave their jobs for mental health reasons.

In today’s working-from-home norm, we’ll help you build and implement your own wellbeing strategy, resulting in both company upsides and the improved mental wellbeing of your employees, including:

  • Happier employees with reduced absenteeism;
  • Increased employee engagement levels across the business;
  • Helps with the recruitment and retention of key people;
  • Helps to manage budget;
  • Improved customer and client feedback and scores;
  • Greater flexibility in the workplace through us of flexible working practices.

Our GC Wellbeing approach also looks to ensure there is a tangible link to the overall company strategy, in turn allowing you to set Wellbeing KPIs to measure progress.


Our new GC Wellbeing propositions will result in a number of positive impacts.

Firstly, as part of our Wellbeing proposition we encourage organisations to ensure employees take The GC Index® profile. Everybody’s wellbeing within an organization is crucial – from the business leader to the management team to every single employee. If people know and understand where they feel most engaged and energised when it comes to making their own business impact, they will naturally be more productive and their own mental wellbeing will be in the best possible place.

Secondly, any wellbeing strategy will only be as impactful as the measures that are put in place, and every GC Wellbeing Strategy is formulated with KPIs agreed as part of the wellbeing strategy delivery. Typical examples of wellbeing KPIs are:

  • Employee engagement;
  • Employee satisfaction;
  • Absenteeism;
  • Employee turnover;
  • Productivity levels;
  • Wellbeing budget ROI.

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