Chartered Management Institute – Spotting the game-changers to drive your business forward

Chief Psychologist, Dr. John Mervyn-Smith, talks about The GC Index and says that “employers will benefit from gaining an empirical assessment of just how their staff work and what makes them tick. For the last three decades, talent development has focused largely upon identifying those individuals who have the potential to make hierarchical progress,” he said. “By definition this approach has been elitist and exclusive, which leaves organisations and individuals missing out”.

The GC Index defines talent as the contribution that an individual can make to a team and organisation, regardless of hierarchical position. It is inclusive regardless of demographic. Moreover, while it focuses upon an individual’s inclinations and strengths, it also provides practical insights into development.”

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Unhappy at work? What can you do about it?

A global study, published by consulting firm Randstad in 2022,  found that almost half of young people would rather be unemployed than be unhappy in a job. Let’s face it, unhappiness at work is not good for individuals and it is not good for organisations. Dr GC, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index, believes creating […]


How to improve your diversity recruitment strategy

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barriers to inclusion in the workplace

Barriers to diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is essential for those organisations that wish to provide and maintain a workplace that is both both productive and attractive to future employees. Much research has been done that highlights how D&I helps to attract the best talent, increase employee retention, improve the company’s reputation and improve business performance through innovation. […]