Talent Management Co, Turkey’s leading talent management consultancy, has launched The GC Index® in Turkey. The GC Index® has enabled hundreds of organisations to identify how their employees will make their game-changing contribution and coached individuals to ensure they thrive and deliver outstanding results.

Differing from traditional high potential and leadership assessments, The GC Index® has been developed in response to a demand from leaders and HR professionals to help them identify Game Changers, an untapped pool of talent, people with that ‘special something’, who have the ability to ‘re-write the things we do’. Research published by eg.1, The DNA of a Game Changer, shows that almost three quarters (72%) of leaders say less than 11% of their employees are Game Changers. At the same time this talent pool is often stifled or neglected.

John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at eg.1, says, “The Index has been used to support thousands of individuals, helping them to understand how they can make an impact within their organisation and team. For the last three decades talent development has focused largely upon identifying those individuals who have the potential to make hierarchical progress. By definition this approach has been elitist and exclusive, which leaves organisations and individuals missing out. The GC Index® defines talent as the contribution that an individual can make to a team and organisation, regardless of hierarchical position. It is inclusive regardless of demographic. Moreover, while it focuses upon an individual’s inclinations and strengths it provides practical insights into development”.

The Talent Management Co team has been accredited to manage The GC Index® in Turkey. They will be running formal accreditation sessions for professionals who want to using The GC Index® to help individuals understand how they can make an impact and help organisations create game-changing teams. It is the first online assessment tool to identify organisational Game Changers. It measures the preferred inclination of how individuals contribute to an organisation, role or project and focuses on output rather than personality or the ability to climb the corporate ladder. Employees who are assessed will benefit by discovering their strengths and natural preferences finding out whether they are the Game Changer, Play Maker, Strategist, Implementer or Polisher.

Petek Demircioglu Celebi, R&D Director at Talent Management Co said: “I’m delighted to be leading the game-changing movement here in Turkey. As a Game Changer myself I know the benefits of having the right team around me to help realise ideas and change the game within organisations. But the reality is this rarely happens, which means organisations fail to fulfil their game-changing potential. The GC Index® gives us the opportunity to reshape talent management as we know it to drive innovation and outputs within our organisations and teams.”