What is it?

A team’s effectiveness depends on the members’ ability to set and pursue the common goals, behave accountable towards each other, tolerate and manage conflicts and renew the ways of working creatively. All those abilities are rooted in the trust among team members. We call the GCI for help, so team members get insights into the framework of their own impact, and we work with them in a process of 4-5 sessions to enlist a real transformation towards high performance.

In an agile world

In an agile world we need to form teams quickly and get to the point when we can collaborate not only nicely but also productively – which also includes challenging each others around accountability. Our solution accelerates the usual process of forming-norming-storming-performing step by step supporting the team on this journey to success.

The transformative process

The transformative process of becoming a highly effective teams starts with the GCI profiles and along with that with learning each other from a new perspective in the norming phase.

On the next stage the focus is set on the HOW’s of working together. With the clear language of the model describing the functioning of individuals and understanding their preferred impact we  make agreements around the ways of working in the norming phase.

At stage 3 the group experiences the bumpy road of storming into conflicts that leads to a real transformation, and a true accountability at the final stage.

The solution supports both

The solution supports both, newly forming teams and those ones who are stuck at any of the stages on the way to the high performance. The transformation is a difficult experience, yet the support of the framework accelerates the team toward the success.