One of the most common questions we’re asked here at The GC Index is what sets us apart from alternative profiling tools? Why is our method the best one for your business? How, in short, do we change the game?


Sometimes it’s best to get the answer from people who have used our methods and benefited from them first hand. Enter Richard Medcalf, Founder of GC Partner XQuadrant, a company that seeks to turn ‘high achievers into leaders,’ and help C-Suite achieve ‘impossible goals.’


XQuadrant is seeing the benefits of looking at metrics in a new way. Richard has written a Definitive Guide to The GC Index, where he explains, “One of the paradoxes of modern business is that we’re increasingly using data to inform decision-making, but there’s a real lack of actionable data on the people that solve problems, drive initiatives and innovate solutions.”


Though there are a whole range of profiling options out there, from MBTI to DISC, Richard stresses that over the last couple of years his company has been using these more traditional routes less and less, saying, “Whilst these increase self-awareness and can improve team relationships, the “relevance question” remains. When did you actually make a business decision using your personality instrument?”


That is the key thing to consider, alternative profiling tools look at traits, beliefs and thoughts, here at The GC Index, we measure impact. We provide tangible information that allows you to make the correct decisions for your business.


As Richard explains himself, “The GC Index ‘measures how individuals are driven to create impact within a business setting.” He goes onto say that this is significant and relevant for senior business leaders because:

  • It’s outcome- and action- orientated
  • It directly maps to core business activities in any company
  • It’s optimised for “speed to impact”
  • It’s a unifying lens to inform decisions across multiple business processes
  • It scales from a single leader to an entire organisation.


“In other words, the GC Index is a tool that provides direct business value to the C-Suite and other organisational leaders: it bridges the gap between people decisions and business results. This results-orientation is why Xquadrant is a proud accredited GC Index partner!” he says.


Richard is one of our GCologists, a trained and accredited expert in The GC Index, who has a full understanding of all our proclivities and how to use our information as a blueprint to build a more successful business.


One of the key things our GCologists understand is that what we provide is an ‘Organimetric’ – a framework and language that identifies the impact made by both individuals and collectives and guides people in how they can contribute to wider organisational goals.


But why are we telling you all this? Check out Richard’s Definitive Guide to The GC Index here.