The GC Index®, announces today that it has formed a new partnership with the Rialto Consultancy, business and leadership transformation specialists, supporting hundreds of organisations and individuals with its impact development framework.

The Rialto Consultancy is extending its offering to include services based on The GC Index®, which was developed by leading psychologists in 2015. Rialto has a team of accredited GCologists who will be using The GC Index® to help organisations compete in today’s fast-changing and adaptive world.

Richard Chiumento, Director at Rialto Consultancy said: “We are incredibly excited to be working with The GC Index®. The framework is innovative, easy to understand, and has the potential to transform the way in which teams work.

“The GC Index® fills a gap in the talent assessment market – it offers organisations and individuals valuable insights about how they will make their impact and their potential to perform.

“It gives employers the opportunity to differentiate the way they approach both development and recruitment, eliminating any bias, to ensure they have the right people in the right role.”

Nathan Ott, CEO of The GC Index says, “The partnership between The GC Index® and Rialto is based on a mutual ambition to help people make their impact. We both thrive on the challenge of helping individuals identify how they can make an impact and helping organisations transform the future.”