What is it?

In partnership with the REC, we want to do something special for every member.

We’re giving them access to The GC Index for free by providing them with a gift link for their own individual GC Index® Profile and a 90-minute review conversation.

This offer is a great opportunity for REC members to reconnect with themselves as recruitment professionals, boost their personal esteem and discover the real value of the contribution they make to their business.


Here’s how it works:

  • We provide the GRC representative with a gift link to take The GC Index®– the game-changing organimetric that gives you profound insight into your business impact.
  • They complete The GC Index® online questionnaire (this takes just 5-10 minutes to complete).
  • Once completed they will receive their detailed personal The GC Index® profile outlining how they can make a game-changing impact on their business.
  • We will arrange a 90-minute online review session and personal development consultation with one of our accredited GCologists, delivered remotely at a time to suit them.


By giving REC members access to The GC Index profile and a 90 minute review session for free, we’re helping them to:

  • Discover how they make an impact in their business as a recruitment and/or talent management professional​
  • Learn how to take advantage of their natural strengths to ensure they make the best impact in their role and enjoy themselves while doing so​
  • Increase their personal esteem and sense of personal value​​
  • Gain them insight to perform at their best​
  • Feel good about what they offer, even in a time of uncertainty​


If you’re a current REC member, you can register for this offer today by visiting our registration page at: