What is it?

Our Three Whys programme is a delivered as a blended series of workshops, coaching, digital reflection and impact assessments that dig below the surface to discover the shared purpose between an organisation, team and individual. This provides the foundation upon which commitments are made individually and collectively, to support each other to perform at our best.

Three Whys works for galvanising and improving the results of an already strong team, or for uncovering common ground to accelerate performance across a team or group requiring a boost. It can be replicated from leadership groups, throughout and between functions, or be tailored and focused to drive a specific performance objective for example, around sales, growth, acquisition, or innovation.

What outcomes can I expect?

In addition to elevating team or group performance to achieve better results, this programme establishes a culture that attracts and retains better talent, for longer.

Building upon their shared purpose, participants document behaviours and commitments into a personal one-page game plan, that once implemented, supports each member in being the best version of themselves. In doing so, they strengthen their sense of community, and connectivity, contribution and commitment to the Organisation.

The programme can be tailored to achieve and amplify any of the following outcomes in the image presented.

Three Whys builds engagement and cohesion through an experience that has been described as: “inclusive”, “reflective”, “thoughtful”, “inspirational”, “fun”, “challenging” and “meaningful”.

What does it look like?

For each participating group, the Three Whys programme consists of:

  • 4 x half-day team workshops
  • Digitized self-guided reflection activities
  • 121 coaching
  • Individual impact (GC Index) assessment & review
  • Team impact assessment (& review – part of a team workshop above)

The blended delivery model encourages more effective self-reflection and self-awareness as the basis for an authentic purpose. This enables each member of the team to understand how they can show up at their best, what they need to be supported with, and how they can uniquely support their teammates, to be the best version of themselves.

The result is a series of incremental performance improvements identified by the team, which together make a big impact upon exceeding team and organisational objectives.

Why does it work?

As part of establishing shared purpose, we discover the strengths, beliefs, contribution styles and aspirational impact that drive the team’s performance. Unearthing these components establishes a shared passion towards their efforts and provides meaning that increases commitment to exceeding the organisation’s objectives.

Research shows only 15% of employees and managers are getting to live their purpose at work. Those that are able to do so, demonstrate higher energy, satisfaction, engagement, achievement, connection and excitement (McKinsey, April 2021).

Those who are not living their purpose at work lack a sense of community and belonging; and feel their commitment and contributions are not valued. These characteristics are the primary motivators as to why roughly 40% of employees are considering leaving their employer in the next 6 months (McKinsey, October 2021). We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen and rather you retain your top talent for longer, because they care and are enabled to perform at their best.