What is it?


Assimilation, alignment and development of GameChanging leaders, teams and organization


  1. Team member The GC Index® assessments
  2. Executive review
  3. Team workshop(s)
  4. Final recommendations
  5. Follow up impact review

Incorporates The GC Index® organometric methodology and proclivity assessments


  • Making the Right Business Decisions
    • Business Strategy
    • Digital Transformation
    • Cultural Change
  • Aligning Everyone to Business Outcomes
    • Business Process
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Maximizing the Impact of Your People Asset
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Talent Development
    • Team Performance
  • Making the Right Hiring, Firing, Development and Promotion Decisions


Top Gun Ventures has spent the last 15 plus years bringing our clients GameChanging Leaders and helping them design and develop GameChanging Teams and Organizations

We cover the full lifecycle of Human Capital Management from guiding our clients in making the right leadership and talent decisions to recruitment, onboarding, assimilation, development and retention