What is it?


Development and alignment of GameChanging Young People for their selection of universities, academic majors, entry job decisions and early career choices

Plus, talent acquisition pipeline and development for universities and corporate MBA and university programs


  1. Joint review with Parent or Academic/Business sponsor to establish objectives
  2. Young Person Index assessment (< 18 years) or The GC Index® assessment (18 years >)
  3. Young Person assessment review
  4. Final recommendations on proclivity strengths and areas to develop further. Plus 3 screening questions for academic or job opportunities selection to ensure that the Young Person will thrive in that environment
  5. Follow up impact review


  • Making the right academic, job entry and early career decisions
  • Development of our future GameChangers and a pipeline of GameChanging talent for the business world and our clients


Our ‘Young GameChangers’ solution works with universities, corporate MBA and university talent acquisition programs and parents (many being our clients that have seen the power of The GC Index® in their business environment and want to apply it to their family and children at university or entering the job market)

This helps Young People to make the right academic and early career decisions

More importantly, it develops future GameChangers and provides a pipeline of GameChanging talent for the business world and our clients