What is it?

We used the GC Index with one of our clients, Tipico, to help identify their most talented individuals so that the leadership team could support, challenge and nurture them in a talent development program.

One of the program’s objectives was to grow self-insight as a foundation for the participants’ personal development plan, to help individuals contribute beyond the boundaries of their current role and to support them to identify and develop their potential for future roles.

Why did we use the GC Index with this client?

We enjoy using the tool for several reasons:

  1. It helps organisations identify game changers and at the same time it recognises that game changers are rarely effective in isolation – they need other players for game-changing teams and organisations to be impactful.
  2. It provides organisations with an organometric (rather than a psychometric) tool, a common language and a framework that they can use to assess whether they’ve got the right people in the right roles and teams.
  3. Organisations can use the tool for talent assessment and development as well as individual, team and organisational development.
  4. Last but not least, it helps individuals build stronger self-awareness as well as better understanding of their colleagues. For any of us, it’s powerful to know how we can make an impact and understand the strengths we bring into an organisation.

What impact did The GC Index® have on the participants?

One participant was surprised to see his results, admitting: ‘I got some new insights and can see myself totally in the analysis of The GC Index®’.

He alsosaid that The GC Index® results had helped him reflect more on his fit within his current job role.Even though he was part of a team, he realised that most of the time hewas working alone. The GC Index® result re-confirmed how much he preferred working with others and this helped him to take proactive steps in finding a solution to this challenge.

Thiswas hugely positive for us to hear – it was almost as if a written confirmation of his preferences had given this participant permission to follow a path that was much better suited to his strengths.

What were the lessons as a leadership team?

After the participants had received feedback on their individual reports, we were able to give them some insight on how The GC Index® could be used at a team level. We’d taken the highest scores of each participant and worked out the percentages of the five GC Index profiles in this group. We asked the group: If you worked as a team, what would be your strengths? And what would this team need to pay attention to in order to be even more successful?

The GC Index® calls this team profile an ‘inventive’ leadership team.

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