Last month, The GC Index’s Nathan Ott hosted a webinar to show how Water For People, a global not-for-profit development organisation, is completely revolutionising its own attitude and the wider water sector.

Consider that there are currently around 2 billion people across the planet who do not have access to clean water. This doesn’t just mean drinking water, but so many other things that Westerners take for granted such as showers, toilets, sewers and more. When you consider that four billion people do not live in a house with a toilet you realise these issues impact over half the human beings alive right now.


Water For People has a truly game-changing vision

To provide fresh water for everyone. Water For People is currently working with several countries across Central and South America, Africa and some states in India.

Can Water For People actually achieve such an ambitious goal? CEO, Eleanor Allen, and HR Lead, Mike Ksenyak, sat down with Nathan Ott to explain how The GC Index is helping form a team who will realise the Water For People vision.

Creating a team to realise the vision

Everyone in the team at Water For People’s Denver HQ felt that they were collaborative. They were part of a not-for-profit firm, with an admirable goal, and they all enjoyed spending time together. Yet, when Nathan Ott flew across the Atlantic to investigate, he identified some opportunities to help bring the team much closer.

Using The GC Index® framework he found that, though the various teams and departments were spending a lot of time together, they weren’t always really working ‘together’. Finance and marketing might mingle after hours, but they weren’t singing to the same hymn sheet whilst in the office.

Creating a culture based on impact

Similarly, there were lots of people who found their personal GC Index® profile to be incredibly enlightening. Plenty who relished the opportunity to discuss their own preferences and proclivities in a language they could understand, rather than in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

In all businesses people want to know that they are contributing. Even if their role isn’t celebrated as much as some individuals, helping everyone understanding how they are contributing to the overall vision is essential to the success of the organisation. This applies even more at non-for-profit firms with such incredible goals as Water For People.

The GC Index® shows people how they contribute and allows them to explain this to others in a common language. After all, not everyone is a game changer, but everyone can make an impact that can change the game.

Water For People has embraced this attitude. They plan to roll out The GC Index® framework and process to their regions in the future, starting this year with Rwanda, Uganda and Malawi. Central America, South America and India will follow.

This means that as the organisation launches new projects and fresh initiatives The GC Index® framework will allow all the stakeholders to speak the same language, regardless of people’s natural proclivities. Indeed regardless of their actual mother tongue.

Click here to view the webinar with Water For People


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